Charlatan's Tricks

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Race and Trait




Starter Deck

Card Text

Search your deck for a card named as target resonator or addition you control, reveal it and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck. If you control "Fayli, the Charlatan", you may put it into your field instead.

Flavor Text

"It's not a counterfeit, it's a collectible!" -Fayli, the Charlatan

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I control a "Fayli, the Charlatan" and a "Runic Commander Demon, Akiot" in my field. I play "Charlatan's Tricks" target "Runic Commander Demon, Akiot" and I return "Runic Commander Demon, Akiot" to my hand. Can I search my deck for a card named "Runic Commander Demon, Akiot" into my field? Can I search my deck for an another card into my field?
If the target of《Charlatan's Tricks》is not there upon the chant's resolution you will not be able to search your deck for that card or put it into your field. If《Runic Commander Demon, Akiot》is on the field when you play Charlatan's Tricks targeting Akiot, his ability automatically triggers and enters the chase. It resolves before Charlatan's Tricks and you have the option to return Akiot to your hand. If you choose to return it to your hand, Charlatan's Tricks is the next card to resolve. During resolution the card checks to see if its target is legal as per the comprehensive rules section 903.3a. Akiot is no longer a legal target since it left the field, so you cannot resolve any part of Charlatan's Tricks that involves that target. Which in the case of Charlatan's Tricks is the entire card, so it will do nothing. You cannot choose a new target during resolution. If the original target is gone, then the effect fails to resolve.