Fiery Soldier of Milest

Card Number







600 / 600



Race and Trait



M ganzy

Card Text


Treat this card as a fire magic stone.

Flavor Text

To burn is fire's only desire.

All Sets


Sissei, Pricia's Barrier reads that magic stones are treated as being all types and adding will of any color. How does this interact with the resonators that are treated as stones, such as The Dark March Hare and Fiery Soldier of Milest?
Sissei, Pricia's Barrier》specifically refers to the card type "Magic Stone" as the type of card to gain its effects. Cards like 《Fiery Soldier of Milest》《The Dark March Hare》and《Manservant to the Water God》are not "Magic Stones". They are resonators with the sub type of "Fire Magic Stone", "Light Magic Stone" and "Darkness Magic Stone" and "Water Magic Stone", respectively. As such Sissei, Pricia's Barrier, and other cards that refer solely to the card type "Magic Stone" such as 《Grusbalesta's Secret Technique》or 《Arla, Guardian of the Skies》do not affect those resonators. The only abilities that interact with them are ones that specifically refer to that sub-type of magic stone, the way that Resonance abilities do. For example; 《Sylvia Gill Palarilias》specifically refers to "Fire Magic Stones". As such, her ability would grant Fiery Soldier of Milest the ability to rest and produce wind will.
Can fiery soldier of Milest produce red will with Blazer Gill Rabus?
Fiery Soldier of Milest》 cannot be rested to produce will with 《Blazer Gill Rabus》as it does not have the card type 'Magic Stone'. Rather it is only treated as if it has the name 'Fire Magic Stone'. Unless an effect specifically refers to 'Fire Magic Stone' it does not interact with Fiery Soldier of Milest