Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux

Card Number







100 / 600



Race and Trait



Matsurika Yoko

Card Text


Whenever a resonator is put into a graveyard from your opponent's field ⇒ Remove that card from the game. If you do, put a [500/500] darkness Shadow resonator token into your field.


When this card leaves your field for a non-field zone ⇒ Destroy all Shadow resonator tokens you control.

Flavor Text

The cat meowed and the world changed around it.

All Sets


When Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux goes to a graveyard at the same time as another resonator does Schrödinger's first ability still trigger? And if so is it possible to stack the automatic abilities on the chase to keep the Shadow token?
Both of 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》's abilities will trigger at the same time. As such, the controller of those abilities may choose their order as they please. Please refer to the example below for further clarification

You control 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》and a shadow resonator token produced by its effect, and your opponent controls an arbitrary resonator. You or your opponent then plays a spell or ability that destroys both 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》and your opponent's arbitrary resonator. They both leave the field at the same time. As per the Comprehensive Rules section "Last Known Information", 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》's first automatic ability will trigger from this because a resonator your opponent controls left the field. However, 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》also left the field, so the card's second automatic ability will trigger at the same time. As the controller of both of these automatic abilities that were triggered at the same time, you may choose which one enters the chase first, and therefor which one resolves first. You may choose to resolve the effect that will generate a token first, and then the effect that requires you to banish all shadow resonator tokens produced by 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》. If you do your field will be empty. You may also choose to first resolve the effect that requires you to banish all shadow resonators produced by 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》, forcing you to banish the one token you controlled since the start of this example. Then 《Schrödinger, the Cat in Flux》's other ability will resolve, producing the second shadow resonator token.
Quick question for a situation that happened in today's game twice. I am using the Monkey Trapped in Life and my opponent has Schrodinger the Cat in Flux on the field. In one situation, my card (the monkey) was blocked and sent to the Graveyard. The second situation was during his turn when I blocked his attack with the monkey it was destroyed. What is priority for these two cards in these situations? 

This depends on who is the turn player.

In any case where the player who controls 《The Monkey Trapped in Life》 is the turn player;

Monkey Trapped In Life's ability would trigger first, then 《Schr?dinger, the Cat in Flux》's ability would trigger. Schrodinger's ability was the last to enter the chase, so it is the first to resolve, meaning that it will successfully remove Monkey Trapped In Life and produce a shadow resonator token. Then, Monkey Trapped In Life's Ability resolves, the card does not return to the hand, since it is no longer in the graveyard, however its owner still loses 100 life.

If the controller of Schrodinger the Cat in Flux is the turn player, the opposite occurs. Schrodinger triggers first, then Monkey. So the Monkey's ability would resolve first, returning it to the hand and its owner losing 100 life. Schrodinger's ability would then resolve, but since the effect cannot remove Monkey Trapped In Life, as it is no longer in the graveyard, the effect resolves without removing anything and without producing a shadow resonator token.