The Nine-Tailed Fox

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Race and Trait





Legacy Lost

Card Text


This card cannot be destroyed.


Banish a wind resonator, a darkness resonator, and a "Killing Stone": Search your deck, hand, removed area, and/or cards you own from outside the game for a wind or darkness Chimera resonator and put it into your field. If you searched your deck, shuffle it. Play this ability only once per turn.


[rest]: Shuffle target card named "Killing Stone" from your graveyard into your magic stone deck.

Flavor Text

With words unfathomable, the Nine-Tailed Fox began the ceremony.

All Sets


If I have Flying Cloud (CFC-057) not bestowed and Kaguya, Millennium Princess (RDE-064J) on my field, does Kaguya gain +200 +200 and Flying, or do I need to rest the 5 treasure item in order to get +1500 +1500 plus the bonus for the flying cloud?
J-rulers that do not have any ATK/DEF like 《Kaguya, Millennium Princess》and 《The Nine-Tailed Fox》are not affected by effects that increase or decrease ATK/DEF, just like how they cannot be damaged. Flying Cloud does not grant Kaguya +200/+200, but Kaguya will gain Flying, though she still cannot attack or block.

If you played 《Flying Cloud》first and then played Kaguya, Millennium Princess' ability, she will become a 1500/1500, not gaining the +200/+200 from Flying Cloud due to the order of time stamps. Flying Cloud was played first, granting only flying because at the time Kaguya did not have ATK or DEF at the time that Flying Cloud entered the field and its effects were applied. Kaguya then becomes a 1500/1500 with her ability, but Flying Cloud doesn't check the game state again, so it will simply continue to grant her Flying only. The way to avoid this is to play Kaguya's ability first, and then play Flying Cloud after she has become a 1500/1500. In this way, Flying Cloud enters the field and properly grants +200/+200 because Kaguya is now treated as a J-ruler with ATK and DEF. Note that after Kaguya's ability ends at the end of the turn she loses her ATK and DEF and Flying Cloud is back to granting no extra ATK and DEF.