Your Invitation to New Valhalla - Part. 2

Hello everyone! Design team here. Back again to discuss our upcoming cluster “New Valhalla”. This time around we be will discussing ‘Runes’, which we lightly touched on during our last article. Without further ado, let's begin.

Runes are special cards played from a zone called the rune area. These cards start the game face down in your rune area as a set of five, similar to how the grimoire mechanic works.

The below image is an example of how runes work.


So you might be immediately wondering what these numbers are used for. Well, all ten of the starter deck rulers this set have an ability labeled (Divinity)(10). This number represents the amount of resource you have for using runes. 

Take the following image for example.



As you can see, a limit is set for rune usage. Do note that the total divinity cost of runes does not restrict deck building, although I do recommend you build with costs in mind! As for playing runes, they follow a similar process as the grimoire does. Reveal the rune you wish to play and then pay its cost. After resolution, the card does not get sent to the graveyard and instead remains face-up in your rune area. Unlike grimoire however, there is no limit to how many times different runes can be played in a single turn if you can fulfill the casting requirements.
That about sums up our short explanation on runes! Look forward to our next article coming next week, where we introduce the ten rulers of New Valhalla!