Your Invitation to New Valhalla - Part. 3

Hello everyone! Design team here. Back once again to discuss our upcoming cluster “New Valhalla” (On sale this September). Today we will be introducing the coming cluster’s main factions, as well as the rulers leading them.

The setting for the next cluster is “New Valhalla”, a world created by the gods of the original Valhalla. In it, ten different factions representing their chief god fight in order to unify their world. That being said, the gods themselves have long fallen into deep slumber after the collapse of their world, leaving “New Valhalla’s” war unfinished.

Let us take a look at the aforementioned factions themselves.

Country of the Sun, Minerva

Minerva’s chief god is Odin and the ruler that carries out his divine will is Brunhild. The base used for this faction is Norse mythology, particularly the humans and valkyries that served under Odin. The symbol of the country is the sun itself. It is said that as long as the warriors of this country brandish the symbol of the sun they can fight without fear of dying. 

The cards themselves have very little features and are low cost, meant to be utilized to create a wide powerful army. Additionally, the blessings of the sun protect Minerva’s warriors granting them immunity from death. 


Moonlit Paradise, Lunar Heaven

Lunar Heaven’s chief god is Zeus and its ruler is the wererabbit, Atom Seikhart. Using Greek mythology as a base, Angels, as well as wererabbits created by Zeus are featured. At the end of “Winds of an Ominous Moon”, Atom Seikhart invited Kaguya to this world and together they saved Lunar Heaven from the brink of destruction. Over a hundred years have passed since then, causing the event to be remembered as myth.

This faction has many flying resonators that are difficult to block. Lunar Base’s moon grants divine protection, giving life recovery, barrier, and other such defensive benefits.


City of Mirage, Sandora

Sandora’s chief god is Atum, and its ruler is Isis. Using Egyptian mythology as a base, various deities as well as creatures living in the desert are featured. Fitting for the fire attribute, this faction specializes in dealing damage (particularly in the way of runes). The resonators featured also support this archetype in a variety of ways.


Land of Fiery Ambition, Kunlun

Kunlun’s chief god is Genshi Tenson and its ruler is Fu Xi. Using Chinese mythology as a base, humans, beasts (particularly tigers), and dragons are featured here. The main strategy of this faction is to use humans and tigers to start the fight, paving the way for the dragons to descend and finish it. Only Fu Xi, the King of Kunlun, is truly capable of controlling the dragons. 


The Knight's Castle in the Sky, Sky Round

Sky Round’s chief god is Deus Ex Machina and its ruler is Arthur. Featured in this faction are machines and androids, as well as the Knights of the Round Table from King Arthur’s legend. This time however, the knights have been mechanized. The massive control system governing Sky Round is called “Merlin”. 

Many cards that place [+100/+100] counters are used, as well as many effects that benefit from having these counters. There are also effects that reward you for dismantling these [+100/+100] counters, but be wary not to dismantle too much or your resonators may fall apart. 


Forest of the Lost, Misty Woods

Misty Wood’s chief god is Loki and its ruler is Loki as well. Loki is the instigator who tricked Valhalla’s gods into waging war. Before Valhalla was destroyed, Loki escaped to this world and remains here still. The main race of this faction is fairy tales, as well as a few mythological beasts from Norse legend. 

The cards featured here are an erratic group that rely on awakening effects. If one can manage to control this wild bunch, they will be met with great success. There are also many draw effects included. For this faction, a quantity over quality strategy might be the best way to go.


The Village of the Spirited Away, Kouga

Kouga’s chief god is Bastet and its ruler is Hanzo. Using traditional Japanese worldview as a base, cat ninjas and youkai are featured here. The phrase “Spirited Away” is a phenomenon where a person disappears and is thought to have been hidden by the gods. In a similar manner, Kouga village is hidden from the world and is only enterable through a hole that appears at a special time. 

The main race is cat ninjas and as such, many of the cards feature the cat ninjas’ special techniques and tools. In general, Hanzo is a good balanced ruler who is a jack of all trades but a master of none. Playing him will be a test of the player’s own skill.


The Forgotten Sanctuary, Lost Isles

The Lost Isles’ chief god is Shiva and its ruler is Chamimi. Using Indian mythology as a base, youkai, beasts, and the Mimi tribe are featured here. The Mimi tribe are capable of speech but carry a odd speech inflection where each phrase they say ends in “Mi~” and other similar phrases. The islands of the Lost Isles are abundant with unexplored nature and are full of rare never before seen beasts. 

This faction is the type to solve problems through raw force. If a wall is before them, they don’t walk around, they charge on through! One must be careful of the beasts the Mimi tribe use, as they have a tendency to run wild. If one is able to reel in the power of the Mimi tribe and their beasts, victory awaits.


Ruins of Neverending Rain, Rainruins

Rainruins’ chief god is Satan and its ruler is Lucifer. The main races featured here are the fallen angels and demons. There are some humans scattered throughout, but only devil worshippers and religious fanatics. This faction holds a deep hatred for the angels.

This faction excels at hand disruption, aiming to whittle away your opponents choices. Once your opponent is weakened enough, the demons appear to finish them off.


Bottomless Chasm of Death, the Abyss

The Abyss’ chief god is Hel and its ruler is Lich. Before Lich became the king of the undead, he was a pure and noble monk. Due to Hel’s plotting, he was murdered and revived into the form he is now. This faction mainly features skeletons, zombies, and other such undead. The Abyss is connected to another world but, as one’s life force is drained the closer one nears, the details of where it may lead remains unknown.

The undead creatures of the Abyss have low fighting power but keep coming back from the dead. As such, they can be used freely with no regards for their safety.


That does it for our explanation of the rulers and factions for now! There is still so much we wanted to share with you guys… but that will all have to wait for another opportunity. Of course, don’t forget to tune in for our card spoilers on various media outlets! 

Thank you for reading so far. Let’s meet again in the world of “New Valhalla”. Until then, take care!