Force of Will Puzzles: Reiya Starter Deck Edition

TITLE: Force of Will Puzzles: Reiya Starter Deck Edition

Welcome to a series of puzzles using the Force of Will card game.  In each of the following three puzzles, you’ll be given a predesigned board and all relevant information that you’ll need.  The goal of each is to win before your opponent’s next recovery step.  Keep in mind, your solution should be able to work regardless of how your opponent blocks, so you should be assuming that your opponent is blocking optimally and don’t worry, there are no Severing Winds involved in any of these unless otherwise stated.  This is meant to be a learning exercise so you can learn how to play better by looking at all of the possible solutions to a situation.

Below each board is both players’ life totals, a list of all cards shown in the picture, counters in play, gems in play, whether or not rulers are astral, and anything else that might be relevant.  Follow by that are the hints, so I recommend not scrolling down too far.  At the end of the article will be all the answers, so if you’re totally stumped, we’ll walk you through it.



Puzzle #1: Finding the Strength to Win

Image 1

It’s been a close game but Reiya’s got you on the ropes.  Even if you do manage to lay down more blockers for next turn, there’s no doubt she has a way to destroy them and get damage through.  So time’s up, we need to figure out a way to win this turn.  Luckily, it looks like there’s a way for you to squeeze that 1400 damage through.

Your opponent’s life total: 1400

Your life total: 300

Your opponent controls: Reiya, Fourth Daughter of the Mikage (Ruler side/J-Ruler side, rested, no mystery counters), 1x Grimm, the Pitch Black Vampire, 1x Ashen Snow White, 1x Empress Carmilla, 1x Moonlight Shadow, 6x Darkness Magic Stone (all rested)

You control: Kirik Rerik, the Draconic Warrior (Ruler side/J-Ruler side, no strength counters), 1x Hoelle Pig, 1x Kirik’s Partner, 4x Fire Magic Stone



1.       Hoelle Pig can only recover your J/Ruler while it’s on its Ruler side, not its J-Ruler side.

2.       Kirik can only make strength counters on his Ruler side.

3.       Hoellesaurus doesn’t necessarily have to target resonators your opponent controls.

4.       J-Rulers will return to their Ruler side with the same orientation they had as a J-Ruler.



Puzzle #2: A Whale of a Problem

Image 2

Despite your best attempts, your opponent has gotten ahead of you on board both in terms of resonators and stones.  Worse still, your ruler is astral!  However, your opponent has also made a crucial mistake and maybe relied a bit too much on pure muscle.

Your opponent’s life total: 1500

Your life total: 1000

Your opponent controls: Shaela, the Mermaid Princess (Ruler side/J-Ruler side), 4x The White Whale, and 6x Water Magic Stone (all rested)

You control: Shaela (Ruler side/J-Ruler side, astral, rested), 2x Water Kimono of Twelve Parts, 1x Giant Sea Jelly, 1x Ancient Automaton, 2x Princess Shaela’s Attendant, 4x Water Magic Stone

In your hand: 1x Aqua Rifle Mermaid, 1x Cleansing Rain, 1x Water Rider Mermaid, 1x Stormbolt, 1x Weather Change: Rain

Your deck: Contains no other useful cards for this situations and all additional draw should be ignored.



1.       Weather is a status that only affects a single player, just because it’s raining for you doesn’t mean it’s raining for the opponent.

2.       Whales can only block while it’s raining.

3.       If a blocker is removed from battle for any reason at all, the attacker goes through to its original intended target.



Puzzle #3: Deck Overdraft

Image 3

It’s been a long and grueling game, taking many, many turns.  Bizarrely though, your opponent has somehow ended up with 8000 life and you’re at 4000 life.  Fortunately, you know that the game ends when a player cannot draw a card from his or her deck during his or her draw phase.  And your opponent only has two cards left in the deck.  Unfortunately, you’re out of cards in your own deck, meaning you’ve got to win now.  Thanks to already seeing most of your opponent’s deck, you know that the last two cards your opponent has are both Vanish and will probably try to cast one to stop you.  You know you can still win this one though.

Your opponent’s life total: 8000

Your life total: 4000

Your opponent controls: Gill, the Gifted Conjurer (Ruler side/J-Ruler side, rested), 2x Leaf Magician (one rested, one recovered), 1x Cecil Letoliel, Elven Prince, 6x Wind Magic Stone (two recovered, four rested), 4x Spirit Stone (all rested)

You control: Taegrus Pearlshine (Ruler side/J-Ruler side, has not done judgment yet), 1x Diamond, the One-Eyed Treasury Magician (rested), 1x Gem Blade Onyx, 6x Light Magic Stone, 4x Ore from the Treasure Mountain

In your hand: 1x Gem Blade Ruby, 1x Diamond, the One-Eyed Treasury Magician, 1x Jewel Shield, 2x Jewel Burst

Additional information: You have a wind gem and a water gem, they did not enter your field this turn.  Your opponent will use Gill’s ability to play Vanish as soon as he or she can.



1.       Using Jewel Burst on a Leaf Magician won’t force your opponent to draw a card, you have to beat them via combat.

2.       Taegrus Pearlshine can make two gems of any attribute but can only make one type of attribute.

3.       You can play all of your cards before your opponent can play Vanish.


Puzzle #1 Solution:

1.       Using Kirik’s precision, attack him into Grimm, destroying Grimm.  Nothing can block Kirik since nothing but Grimm has flying on the opponent’s side.

2.       Play Hoellesaurus and target Kirik.  Between Grimm and Hoellesaurus, Kirik will have 1200 damage on him and flip back to the Ruler side.  He’ll still be rested.

3.       Hoelle Pig can now recover Kirik since he’s a Ruler.

4.       Rest Kirik using his own ability to get ten strength counters.

5.       Attack with Kirik’s Partner, he has flying so nothing can block him now.  Play Burning Awakening on him and deal 1600 damage to your opponent.

One of the biggest drawbacks to Kirik’s J-Ruler side is that he cannot produce strength counters beyond the initial fifteen and his deck relies on them a lot.  As a result, it’s sometimes easy to get starved on strength counters if you aren’t careful.  Always keep that in mind when you judgment Kirik.  Luckily, we were able to flip him back and get those counters together for a victory.

Puzzle #2 Solution:

1.       Attach both kimonos to Ancient Automaton.  This makes it a 1200/1200 since both kimonos give it +200/+200 and it gets +400/+400 total from the additions on the field.

2.       Use Stormbolt to rest the opponent’s Shaela.  The other two options don’t matter in this scenario.

3.       Attack into the opponent’s Shaela with your Ancient Automaton.

4.       When the opponent blocks with The White Whale, use Cleansing Rain to put the whale on top of your opponent’s deck.  This lets your Ancient Automaton go through to Shaela and deal damage.  Your opponent can’t block with any additional resonators since you only get one block per battle.

5.       It’s no longer raining for your opponent, meaning the remaining whales cannot block.  You can now attack with all of your resonators for 1700 damage, enough to deal with your opponent’s 1500 life.

The biggest thing to understand about the weather mechanic is that it doesn’t affect both players.  The weather state is tied to a player so it can raining for you and not your opponent and vice a versa.  Because of that, we can stop the rain for the opponent by destroying his or her Shaela, the Mermaid Princess and sneak through that win.

Puzzle #3 Solution:

1.       Play Jewel Burst on Cecil Letoliel, removing him from the game.  You should banish both the wind and water gems.

2.       Judgment Taegrus Pearlshine.  When he enters the field, make two fire attribute gems.

3.       Play Jewel Shield targeting Onyx Gem Blade.  Make a darkness gem.  He has precision now thanks to the darkness gem.

4.       Play Ruby Gem Blade, she has swiftness now thanks to the fire gem.

5.       Attack with Onyx Gem Blade into the recovered Leaf Magician and Ruby Gem Blade into the rested Leaf Magician.  This will cause your opponent to draw two cards, emptying his or her deck.

6.       End your turn.  Your opponent will attempt to draw a card, be unable to, and lose.

Pandas are surprisingly versatile group with solid attack and defense values for their costs and a variety of ways to approach combat.  Of course, you need the proper gems to handle that correctly, so be sure to juggle them appropriately.  Also, part of playing around wind’s cancels spells is understand when they can cancel you.  In this case, your opponent could only do so by having an elemental in the graveyard thanks to Gill’s ability.  Every cancel spell has clauses to it that you should look and keep track of.

I hope these were an enjoyable set of puzzles.  If you solved them all, congratulations.  If you had trouble with them, I hope you learned something new idea while trying to figure them out.  Thanks for playing.