New Cluster Rule Breakdown

What follows is an explanation on what rules were added or changed with the arrival of New Valhalla cluster.

Regarding Runes

Runes are magic abilities utilized by the Rulers of New Valhalla.
Runes are a new type of card that can be played up until a certain “Divinity” limit depicted on the ruler card is reached. These cards are not drawn from the deck like other cards, but are instead kept readily available in a separate zone.

  • Constructing with Runes
  • For the most part, “Runes” can be put into the rune deck and not the main deck.
    The rune deck may contain up to five cards, may only contain runes that share an attribute with your ruler, and may contain up to one card of the same name.
    Some types of runes are “Master Runes”. You may have up to one master rune in your rune deck.

    Ex. If your ruler is “Brunhild” (light attribute), you may put “Brunhild’s Wrath” (light attribute) into your rune deck, but you may not put “Giant Sandstorm” (fire attribute) into your rune deck.

  • Regarding "Chant/Runes"
  • Cards with the “Chant/Rune” typing are handled as both “Chants” and Runes”.

    The two main differences between “Chant/Rune” and the standard “Rune” typing are,

    • You may put “Chant/Runes” into the main deck (regardless of what attribute your ruler is).
    • You may put “Chant/Runes” of attributes differing from your ruler into your rune deck.

    Once again, the rune deck may only contain one card of the same name. The main deck, however, may contain up to four cards of the same name, just like resonators and chants. That being said, the total amount of cards with the same name allowed between the rune deck and the main deck is four.

    Ex 1. If your ruler is “Brunhild” (light attribute), you may put “Chain Bind” (fire attribute) into your rune deck.
    Ex 2. If you have one “Spear of the Valkyries” in your rune deck, you may put up to three “Spear of the Valkyries” into your main deck.

  • Playing Runes
  • When playing runes (including chant/runes) from the rune area, follow the following procedure.

    Chant/runes that are in the main deck are an exception from this rule and follow the rule procedure for “Chants”.

    1. To play a rune, refer to your J/ruler’s [Divinity] keyword ability.
    2. Choose a face down rune you wish to play and flip it face up. You may only choose a rune with a divinity cost equal to or lower than your remaining divinity amount*.
    3. Ex. If your ruler has [Divinity] 10, and you already have a rune with a divinity cost of 3 face up, then you may only play a rune with a cost of 7 or less.

    4. Make a copy (pseudo-card) with the same information as the chosen rune, pay the cost, then play that copy.
    5. After the produced copy resolves, it ceases to exist.

    *Remaining divinity amount: The value obtained from taking your J/ruler’s divinity and subtracting the total divinity value of face up (already played) runes in your rune area.

Determining X Value

Up until now, the only indication for determining the X value was an unclear timing during the play process. This led to a situation where different countries had discrepancies in rulings.

So moving forward, the timing for determining the value of X will vary between upon play and upon resolution, depending on the effects text. This should remove all discrepancies.

Game Processes

  • Values chosen for cards or effects already on the chase being copied.
  • It was previously unclear, but now what non-card information values (targets, numbers chosen, etc) passed on when an effect copies something already on the chase has been clarified.

  • Foresee
  • Means to “Look at the top (specified number) cards of your deck, put any number of them on the top of your deck and the rest on the bottom of your deck.”

New Keyword Abilities

  • [Divinity]
  • An ability only held by J/rulers, used for playing runes.
    Refer to the rune section above for more information on playing runes.

  • [Rune]
  • An ability that grants additional abilities when certain amounts and/or types of runes are revealed.

  • [Bane]
  • An ability that, when held by a card that deals damage to a J/resonator, causes that J/resonator to be destroyed.

  • [Eternal]
  • An ability that means “This card cannot be destroyed.”. Old cards that had “This card cannot be destroyed” are to treated as having [Eternal].

  • [Enter]
  • An automatic ability that triggers upon entering the field.

That does it for the new cluster rule breakdown.

With that, please enjoy the world of New Valhalla to your heart’s content!