Force of Will TCG Judge Program

The following article was created to explain how the Worldwide Force of Will TCG Judge Program works. The FOW Judge Program is the only way to get an Official Judge Certification. It mainly consists of taking a specific Judge Interview and a Judge Test, afterwards.

The FOW Judge Program features 3 different Judge Levels, as explained below;

Level 1: These are basically local judges. They are supposed to have enough expertise to head judge Level 2 events (which is the lowest competitive level for tournaments).

Level 2: These judges are more experienced and skilled than the Level 1 Judges. A Level 2 Judge is expected to be capable to head judge Level 3 or higher events (which are major events with possibly hundreds of participants). They are expected to be the guides for theLevel 1 Judges from their area and it’s also their responsibility to help other Level 1 Judges improve.

Level 3: These judges are the most skilled, as they have proved to have the capability to Head Judge bigger events. Their duties include (but are not limited to) Judge Certifications, managing the Judges of their country/area (like Judge Managers), etc.

The certification to become a Level 1 Force of Will Judge can only be obtained through these passages:

  • Interview of the candidate to evaluate his or her motivations in becoming a Judge;
  • Pass the Judge Test (that could be taken only after the Interview and with the proper authorization);

・How can I apply to become a Level 1 Judge?

Judge Tests will only be conducted on paper. In order to take a test, the Candidate will need to contact their Country/Area Judge Manager.

・How difficult is the Judge Test?

The Judge Test is fairly difficult and you will need a large amount of preparation in order to pass.
The candidate must carefully study the latest versions of the following documents in order to deal with the test properly:

  • FoW Comprehensive Rules
  • FoW General Tournament Policy
  • FoW Specific Floor Rules
  • FoW Penalty Guidelines

・Does being a Judge offer any particular advantage?

No, Judges don’t get any particular advantage.
A Judge is mainly a guide to his or her own community and such a title will grant him or her the chance to take part to the most Premiere events of the Force of Will TCG!
Getting the sole certification won’t grant any particular benefit!
Being a Judge means, above all, being at the service of your local community, willing to promote Honesty and Sportsmanship at every event, regardless of the tournament level!
Judges must also be used to spending a lot of time to always be prepared and up-to-date.

・What is the structure of Judge Level 1 Test?

80% of the questions on the test are about of the Force of Will TCG game rules.
(The reference document to answer to these questions is the Comprehensive Rules.)
20% of the questions on the test are about Penalties and Tournament Management.
(The reference documents to answer to these questions are the Penalty Guidelines, the General Tournament Policy, and the Floor Rules).
The test is made up of 25 questions.
Each correct answer is worth 4 points.
Each incorrect answer is worth 0 points.
Each answer partially correct in multiple choice questions is worth 4 points minus 1 point for each correct answer left unmarked. An answer is considered partially correct only when it doesn’t contain any incorrect answer. In any other case it will be considered incorrect and will be worth 0 points.
To pass the test you must score at least 70 points.
The test will be 120 minutes long, once the time is up, the test will be taken from you.
It is strictly forbidden the use any electronic device during the test: in case of any violation, the test will be immediately withdrawn and your application will be rejected without any further possibility of repeating the test.
In case of failure, the Candidate will be able to take the test again after 45 days since the last test was taken.

・Judge Program Test Flow in USA

Friday before the WGP events:Applicants will be interviewed, and only those interested in judging the next day will be tested.
Saturday:Day 1 of the WGP event judges will work under the US Judge Manager, and the US Team Lead to ensure the integrity of the tournament.
Sunday:Day 2 of the WGP event judges will work under the US Judge Manager, and the US Team Lead to ensure the integrity of the tournament. Afterwards there will be a final interview to go over the event and their performance.
As long as a candidate’s performance promotes a fair, unbiased play experience, while exhibiting qualities becoming of a judge, a recommendation for certification will be passed to the World Judge Committee.

・Who should I contact to ask further questions and make my Judge Test application?

For further questions about the FoW TCG Judge Program please contact one of the email addresses below, based on your country:

United States:

For inquiries not relevant to the countries above, please contact the following email address: