Comprehensive Rules

A full, detailed explanation of the rules to play Force of Will.

Comprehensive Rules ver.6.4(PDF)


2017/06/06 Ver. 6.4

  • Defined [Seal] abilities.
  • Added a main deck maximum of 60 cards.
  • Further defined assigning unspecified packets of information to cards.
  • Further defined how J-ruler abilities that refer to X interact with Ruler Judgment [X] abilities.
  • Clarified when [Awakening] abilities are chosen to be awakened.
  • Defined Keywords and Keyword Skills.

2017/03/03 Ver. 6.3

  • Defined Colossal Ruler cards and how to handle their various processes
  • Defined “Heal”
  • Defined “Extra Turn”
  • Defined situations in which more than one target is selected and what is applied to them can be different
  • Defined what cards can be used to pay for costs that include resting a card or cards

2017/02/10 Ver. 6.2

  • Release Comprehensive Rules ver.6.2