Comprehensive Rules

A full, detailed explanation of the rules to play Force of Will.

Comprehensive Rules ver.7.0(PDF)


2017/08/18 Ver. 7.0

  • Defined the generic typing [Basic].
  • The field is now a single game space, and not separate for each player.
  • Defined the term ‘Entity’.
  • Defined the Item Area.
  • Removed the game concept ‘play ground’.
  • Change to how first and second turn player is decided.
  • Amendments to play procedure.
  • Defined procedure for [Gaining a Gem].
  • Defined procedure for [The Weather is (Weather Type)].
  • Amendments to [Energize] abilities.
  • Defined [Mobilize] abilities.
  • Defined [Sealed Item] abilities.
  • Amendments to token movement outside of the field.
  • Miscellaneous

2017/06/06 Ver. 6.4