Comprehensive Rules

A full, detailed explanation of the rules to play Force of Will.

Comprehensive Rules ver.8.01(PDF)

Sealed Item Text (PDF)


2018/09/05 Ver. 8.01

  • Typo/error corrections

2018/09/04 Ver. 8.0

  • Rune ruling added
  • Cards with multiple typing defined
  • Generic type added
  • “Divinity” card information added
  • Prevention of cards entering non-owner’s zones
  • Rune area defined.
  • Deck construction rule update
  • Play a rune defined
  • Timing of when X value is determined clarification
  • What information gets copied if copying a card on the chase clarification
  • Foresee process defined
  • Divinity ability defined
  • Rune ability defined
  • Bane ability defined
  • Eternal ability defined
  • Enter ability (re)defined
  • Old card ruling updated/added
  • Typo/error corrections

2018/06/01 Ver. 7.3