What is Force of Will?

Force of Will is a Japanese fantasy series centering around two major pieces, a trading card game, and the story articles.
These two pieces come together form a game and universe rife with fun, drama, and customization!

Force of Will Trading Card Game

The trading card game (commonly referred to as TCG) is the main product of Force of Will. Cards are sold through booster packs of random cards with the possible card pool of the pack determined by the set that the booster pack is from. You can see which cards belong to which booster sets by viewing the Force of Will Database on the main website. In addition to cards that come from booster packs, Force of Will also produces starter decks that are geared specifically for beginners. Starter decks include a pre-set group of cards, unlike booster sets.

Cards from booster packs and starter decks can be collected of course, but the real fun is had by competing against your friends! Cards can be used to play in a competitive game against others using your unique deck, magic stone deck, and J/ruler card! (For more information on how to play the game, check the ‘How to Play’ section!) Players take turns amassing resources called ‘Magic Stones’, playing spells and resonators (the soldiers that fight for you), and competing to defeat your opponent in the ultimate test of magic and strategy. Force of Will’s unique mechanic is the J/ruler card, a character card that becomes your avatar during the game. J/ruler cards come with the unique [Judgment] ability that transforms your J/ruler, allowing you to turn the tide of the match!

Remember, the Force of Will starter decks include everything you’ll need to start playing the game, including a rule book so they’re the best bet for those who want to get started quickly!

The fun doesn’t stop there, though! Force of Will retailers across the world host tournaments where participants can test their skill against other players, obtain special promotional cards, and possibly other prizes as well! Players who truly want to test their skill in the ultimate challenge against the strongest players can take it even further with the official Force of Will competitive circuit! Each event, known as an Area Grand Prix (referred to as AGP) brings together the strongest players from the region to compete for rare prizes from the Force of Will world as well as a coveted chance to compete at the World Championship in Tokyo, Japan!

Force of Will Story

If the Trading Card Game is the main dish, Force of Will’s story is the side dish that helps bring the meal all together to create a truly satisfying experience. The Force of Will TCG’s characters, flavor text, and even many of the mechanics are all adapted directly from the Force of Will story articles which detail the continuing story concurrently with each new booster set release. The stories are not necessary to understand the game rulers, of course, but will provide you with more understanding of the characters behind the cards, and a deeper engagement into the conflict you take part in when you play the Trading Card Game.

Primarily the story is detailed through the story articles, which can be considered short ‘chapters’. For each booster set release, several chapters are released one at a time, over a series of weeks following the booster set’s release. In this way, you can think of each booster set as not only a new pool of cards to collect and play with, but also a new volume in the continuing story series of Force of Will.

Stories not only provide context for the characters found in the card game, they also foreshadow coming events, providing with key clues to upcoming cards and characters! Be sure to read them to stay apprised of current events in the Force of Will universe!

Force of Will Manga

Separate from the story articles, the Force of Will Manga provides a different interpretation of the story, covering the same basic plot points, but played out in a somewhat different manner. The Force of Will Manga releases on its own schedule separate from the story articles, usually with one or two chapters covering the entire story of a single booster set. The manga features the art talent of one Aki, one of Force of Will’s extremely talented card artists.

In addition to the manga that follows the main story of the Force of Will universe, there is also the Force of Will 4-Koma. This is a Japanese style four panel gag comic series that spoofs, pokes fun at, and just generally has fun with various elements and characters of the Force of Will universe.

Explore the game with the official Youtube Channel!

Head to the official Force of Will Youtube channel for even more fun including past live streams, exciting trailers for upcoming booster sets, feature matches, and more!