Calling all World Grand Prix Players/WGP Prize Lineup!

Calling all WGP contenders! With the WGP drawing ever closer, let’s take a look the confirmed invite list and prize lineup!
Sponsored Players:
Riccardo Castagnola – WGP 2015
Adam Reiser – WGP 2015
Tobias Dreger – Germany NGP 2016
Christian Haertl – Germany NGP 2016
Sascha Jedlicka – Austria NGP
Zack Tufford – Pasadena, USA
Ryan Matas – Pasadena, USA
Carlo Caboni – Birmingham, USA
Angelo Stanco – Rimini, Italy
Edoardo Valenti – Rimini, Italy
Dan Musser – Dallas, USA
Antyn Vejil – Dallas, USA
Jason Chung – Melbourne, Australia
Ryan Miles – Richmond, USA
Tyler Ulsch – Richmind, USA
Nick Blandin – Montreal, Canada
Albert Lee – Hawaii, USA
Aaron Miles – Pittsburgh, USA
Quinn Kotecki – Pittsburgh, USA
Teo Rong Jie – Singapore
Neo Chan Lun – Singapore
Ryan Valentino – Charlotte, USA
Anthony Torres – Charlotte, USA
Steven Weigelt – Las Vegas, USA
伊藤創一 – Fukuoka, Japan
Jacky But – Toronto, Canada
Nicholas Heal – Collinsville, USA
Steve Boatwright – Collinsville, USA
Angel Ascencio – Los Angeles, USA
Robert Boyajian II – Los Angeles, USA
Chris Martinez – Mexico
Galeotti Luca – Lyon, France
Lucas Richardson – Kissimmee, USA
Federico Zoppini – Italy NGP
Andrea Repetto – Italy NGP
谷田 尚之 – Tokyo, Japan
Stefano Zamagni – Italian Masters
Carmine Ferrara – Italian Masters
Chemsi Ben Othman – France NGP
David Hartley – UK NGP
David Murray – Australia NGP
Alex Blandin – Providence, USA
Ipank Aziz Riphat – Indonesia
Puritat Laocharoen – Thailand NGP
Daryl Chin – Malaysia
Jonathan Uypico De Joseph – Philippines
Diego Piguave – Spain NGP
Ivan Perez Martinez – Spain NGP
Henry Moore – New Zealand NGP
高見 真理 – Kanagawa
Liu Jia – Hong Kong NGP
Giordano Mellouki – Italy AGP
Filippo Franceschi – Italy AGP
Kenneth Navarro – Philippines
Non-Sponsored Players:
Tom Wilkinson – WGP 2015
Edoardo Milana – WGP 2015
Albert Andreas Heiglauer – Germany NGP 2015
Jean-Paul Klintworth – Germany NGP 2016
Valentin Mackl – Austria NGP
Mario Mathieu – Pasadena, USA
Simon Drake – Birmingham, UK
Luca Panini – Rimini, Italy
Andrea Di Simone – Rimini, Italy
Eric Hennig – Dallas, USA
Ken Tober – Dallas, USA
Kehnan Wilde – Melbourne, Australia
Daniel Voon – Melbourne, Australia
Jason Birdsong – Richmond, USA
Abraham Stein – Richmind, USA
Andrij Shaw – Montreal, Canada
Blake Leasak – Montreal, Canada
Tyler Oyasato – Hawaii, USA
Nui Wong – Hawaii, USA
Joshua Fuller – Pittsburgh, USA
Jonathan Bouderau – Pittsburgh, USA
Eugene Ng – Singapore
Driz Foskin – Charlotte, USA
Victor Getman – Charlotte USA
Scott Simpson – Las Vegas, USA
Jalen Rojas – Las Vegas, USA
Jason Foulk – Toronto, Canada
Jared Nadler – Toronto, Canada
Anthony Song – Collinsville, USA
Jeremy Franklin – Collinsville, USA
Bryan Lue – Los Angeles, USA
Jimmy Nunez – Los Angeles, USA
Gaston Macho Escobar – Mexico, USA
Kevin Barcena Gonzales – Mexico, USA
Garry Azenkout – Lyon, France
Claudio Zurio – Lyon, France
Leonardo Mechilli – Lyon, France
Fernando Fuentes – Kissimmee, USA
Kevin Hsieh – Kissimmee, USA
Giovanni Santucci – Italy NGP
Gaetano Pippa – Italy NGP
Enricomaria Rustico – Italy NGP
Nicolo Carbone – Italian Masters
Gianluca di Celemente – Italian Masters
William Kumpf – Nationals
Sebastien Ma – France NGP
Cyril Eichenbaum – France NGP
Brandon Bremont – GenCon
Johnathan Heng – Australia NGP
Kai Ngu – Australia NGP
Ernest Patton – Providence, USA
Kiran Lucas – Providence, USA
Luis Marine – Providence, USA
Mochamad Illham – Indonesia
Gendra Maulana – Indonesia
Natakorn Moonjan – Thailand NGP
Vuttawat Uyanont – Thailand NGP
Ong Jung Jie – Malaysia
Oon Wei Deng – Malaysia
Eugene Ng – Singapore NGP
Clerance Ng – Singapore NGP
Jordan Tan – Singapore NGP
Low Qing Wen – Singapore NGP
Jose Luque – Spain NGP
Miguel De Agustin – Spain NGP
Phoenix Taku – New Zealand
Ethan Taylor – New Zealand
舟田 雄大 – Kanagawa
松田 祐也 – Kanagawa
Lam Hoi Ching – Hong Kong NGP
Giulio De Cicco – Italy AGP
Andrea Masetti – Italy AGP
John Say – Philippines
*Remember that sponsored players will stay in the hotel reserved by Force of Will the nights of the 16th, 17th, and 18th of September. Any other nights must be dealt with personally. Only sponsored players may stay in these hotel rooms. No exceptions.
*If you do not see your name on this list, but have received an official invite from an AGP or other such event please contact us at as soon as possible. You will need to send a scan or photo of your signed invite.


All those that participate in the WGP 2016 event on the weekend of September 16th will receive a full playset of Curse of the Frozen Casket, an exclusive WGP storage box, and this year’s exclusive WGP playmat (featured in the uploaded image). All participants will also have the chance to win one of several signed original artist illustration boards.
All Top 8 Players will receive a two player sized Force of Will Magic Circle playmat, a tapestry featuring a Lapis Cluster Ruler of their choosing, an uncut printing sheet of Curse of the Frozen Casket cards, and a dinner ticket usable at many restaurants around the Tokyo/Chiba area so they may celebrate with their friends.
4th to 8th place will receive a plaque trophy, and a non-sponsored invite to next year’s WGP.
3rd place will receive a trophy and a non-sponsored invite to next year’s WGP.
2nd place will receive a trophy, a non-sponsored invite to next year’s WGP, and will have their likeness made into a PR card of their choice.
1st place will receive a trophy, a sponsored invite to next year’s WGP, and will have their likeness made into a PR card of their choice.

Conducted simultaneously with the Top 8 event on Sunday, there will be a loser’s bracket for anyone who did not make the top 8 on Saturday. This event is single elimination, Lapis Cluster constructed. Players may change their deck from the previous day’s event. (This is in contrast to the Top 8 who will not be allowed to change their decks from Day 1).
2nd and 3rd place will receive non-sponsored invites to next year’s WGP.
1st place will receive a sponsored invite to next year’s WGP and an uncut printing sheet of Curse of the Frozen Casket cards.