The Force of Will USA Masters 2017 ~ Tournament Information

The details of the Force of Will 2017 USA Masters have changed.
The top 8 players from every GP in the USA, Canada and Mexico will receive an invitation to the USA Masters in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Date : September, 2017 (Date to be revealed later. Not the same time as the WGP 2017)
Place : Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Format: New Frontiers
1st place : 20,000 USD
2nd place : 5,000 USD
3rd place : 1,500 USD
4th place : 1,500 USD
Players purchasing Lapis Cluster products have a chance to earn an invite to the USA Masters as well! Scan the QR codes you get from Lapis Cluster products with the Will Power System application for a chance to randomly receive an invitation!

※There will be no travel support to the USA Masters in Las Vegas.
※Minors cannot join this competition, but any minor in the top 8 of a GP in the US, Canada, or Mexico will receive a non-sponsored invitation to the September 2017 WGP in Japan as compensation.
Some information may be subject to change.

Players with special invitations to FOW Masters 2017 (from the Will Power System)-

If your invitation does not update with information by the end of June please contact with your WPS information.

Players with special invitations (from the Will Power System) from FOW QR Code cards have to show their FOW apps on site at registration. Your FOW ID and personal ID (FOW central has) have to match for entry into the tournament!