The Force of Will USA Masters 2017 ~ Tournament Information

The details of the Force of Will 2017 USA Masters have changed.
The top 8 players from every GP in the USA, Canada and Mexico will receive an invitation to the USA Masters in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Date : September, 2017 (Date to be revealed later. Not the same time as the WGP 2017)
Place : Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
Format: New Frontiers
1st place : 20,000 USD
2nd place : 5,000 USD
3rd place : 1,500 USD
4th place : 1,500 USD
Players purchasing Lapis Cluster products have a chance to earn an invite to the USA Masters as well! Scan the QR codes you get from Lapis Cluster products with the Will Power System application for a chance to randomly receive an invitation!

※There will be no travel support to the USA Masters in Las Vegas.
※Minors cannot join this competition, but any minor in the top 8 of a GP in the US, Canada, or Mexico will receive a non-sponsored invitation to the September 2017 WGP in Japan as compensation.
Some information may be subject to change.