Announcing 「Force of Will Battle Simulator」!

The totally free online Force of Will simulator game is on it’s way to an official release!
All Force of Will cards sold from September onward will be made available for you to use for free to battle against players from all over the world!

1. Deck Construction and Editing
All cards in the included sets will be available to you from the start, so you can build whatever deck you like. You’re free to customize your deck boxes, names, and have as many decks as you wish. Experiment with cards to find what type of decks appeal to you most! With features like deck building shortcut keys, and deck parameters, it’s everything you need to build the ultimate deck!

2. Battle against players around the world!
To help facilitate international play, this game will be available in not only English, but Japanese as well. Additionally, to communicate common emotions and phrases among players, we’ve included a robust stamp system featuring Lapis Cluster rulers! With this level of connection, Force of Will Battle Simulator is almost as real as the real thing!
While single games are, of course, possible, so is match play! Complete with sideboard changes in between each round.
Many of the checks and passing of phases tend to become exaggerated in length when adapting a card game to computer game format. Force of Will Battle Simulator includes right mouse button and double click short cuts for common commands like resting a magic stone and passing priority to help keep the pace of the game fun and exciting!

3. Interaction with the Will Power System
The Will Power System, which already has players collecting points from Force of Will booster packs will also be connectable with the Force of Will Battle Simulator. By using points one has collected in the Will Power System, special variants of cards can be made available to them.
Connection between these two programs will also use a Bitcoin Blockchain system, a world first for this type of application!

The open beta release begins in mid-September. We’ll be revealing more details as the release draws closer! Until then, stay tuned!