Force of Will Battle Simulator Update Information

Force of will Battle Simulator Update Information
Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your continued support of the the Force of Will Battle Simulator β version. On December 14th, 2016, we will be updating the Battle Simulator to ver.2016121201.

(1)Mac Version
The Battle Simulator will be made available for download.

(2)Legacy Lost Cards
Legacy Lost cards have been added to the Battle Simulator.

(3) Sandbag Mode
A new single player option has been added. You will face a sandbag opponent. Test your deck’s strategies in a safe environment.

How to update-
Simply download the latest version of the game via the download button on the Battle Simulator’s main page. Unzip the files to the same location as your current Battle Simulator files.

Be sure to save any replay videos and deck recipes before updating, as they may be erased after updating.

Please acknowledge that this application is still in early beta and that there may be errors and bugs. Also, please understand that while we view and appreciate every inquiry, we cannot reply to all of them.

As always, please refrain from tampering with any files of the Battle Simulator. We are not responsible for any harm inflicted by said tampering.

Later this month the digital foil cards, which interact with [Book of Orbs], and the [Will Power System] will be released. More information on this topic will follow soon.

As we continue to work on the Battle Simulator, our next update hopes to bring more convenience and enjoyment to your playing experience.