Force of Will Battle Simulator Update Information

Force of will Battle Simulator Update Information
Today we updated the Force of Will Battle Simulator!
Please download/update the FBS as soon as you are able!
Update info---
・“CFC-084 Umr at-Tawil, Master of 1000 Keys” will now properly have its Judgment cost reduced by CFC-082 “Gate of the Silver Key”
・The dialogue box prompted when playing CFC-022 “Fairy Tale Library Alexandria” has been translated
・CFC-057 “Flying Cloud” will now properly react when it is bestowed to an opposing resonator.
・The Japanese text of VIN003-067 “Gill Lapis, the Pure Youth” has been updated and corrected along with the card image files.
・The name of the race “Minion of Primogenitor” has been corrected and is now spelled properly.
Before updating FBS, do not forget to copy your folder to backup your files.
Thank you!