Ban List Update January 11th

Announcement Date: 1/11/2019

Effective Date: 1/18/2019

New Frontiers

The Game Environment at a Glance

Currently New Frontiers is fairly open with Time Spinning Witch, Chamimi, Gill, Hanzo, and Kirik all placing well in events around the world. In addition, all of the aforementioned decks play very different from one another, which increases the variety of deck choice we have been working to achieve. However, there has been rising concern across the world in terms of play experience. To this we are addressing the issue as follows.

Distortion of Time - Banned

At Time Spinning Witch’s release, she was largely kept in check (in both New Frontiers and Reiya Cluster) by her natural green predators, Scheharezade and Gill. In New Frontiers especially, with access to stones that could produce 2 will, and cards like “Barrier Seal” and “Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian”, there were a healthy number of ways that any deck could interact with Distortion of Time in a meaningful way. With a focus on scaling back the  overall power level of the game in New Valhalla, we allowed ‘Dual Stones’ to naturally rotate out, and this has left certain attributes without any meaningful interaction to this powerful “Stasis” archetype that Time Spinning Witch brings to the table. While the data suggests a healthy spread of decks across the Top 8 of the competitive events so far this season, we know that this type of effect can feel especially unfun to play against - even more so when a counter simply doesn’t exist in the attribute you desire to play. Rather than adding more power to the game by providing each attribute with something unflavorful to interact with Distortion of Time’s powerful God’s Art, we feel that the best way to improve our game’s competitive experience is to ban Distortion of Time in New Frontiers.

Spirit Stone - Banned

At the time Spirit Stone was introduced to the game, there was a very important choice to be made when considering it for your deck: Is it more important to have the ability to draw more cards, or to add another Attribute to the deck? For the entirety of the Lapis/Reiya New Frontiers format, Wind decks were exceptionally strong, but the answer to that question was never the same. Faerur and Scheharezade both saw overwhelming success over the past year, and the inclusion of Spirit Stone was never a guarantee over adding third Attribute, and the powerful cards that would go along with it. Without that interesting decision adding depth to our game, the inclusion of Spirit Stone is at an easy 100% inclusion for Wind decks, and is exceedingly powerful in combination with a card like Forest Meditation. We’ll keep a close eye on this one, but for now, Spirit Stone is banned in New Frontiers.

The largest concern we have as a company is that people are enjoying our game. When we have outstanding win percentages or unbeatable decks, as we have in the past, ban lists will be there to step in. However, this time we are attempting to get ahead of the curve. We expect that certain strong decks will become even stronger in the new format V2 brings with it, and to prevent one deck from absolutely dominating, in conjunction with removing a known problem for the time being, we are attempting to strike first in order to continue on the great diversity and game play experience that we have been producing.

As always, we will continue to monitor the format with the addition of cards from The Strangers of New Valhalla and continuously check to see if anything can return to play with each additional set that enters New Frontiers.


Gretel - Banned

An incredibly powerful resonator that has enjoyed the spotlight since the Wanderer format’s inception. What has finally pushed Gretel over the edge was the change to the [Enter] tag in combination with her Human/Fairy Tale typing. This allowed for certain combination decks to create immense value at an unstoppable pace. This ban was a long time coming.

As the format continues to develop we hope to find cards that may return to the play experience to further the enjoyment of the Wanderer experience.

Origins - No Change

Thank you very much 

R&D Team