Clarification on Rezzard, Attoractia’s Leading Doctor


Due to numerous conflicting understandings of the Comprehensive Rules regarding Discard, players have been confused as to whether Rezzard can stop the effects when Atoms are discarded from the hand to the graveyard. Hence, the Rules team made an update to the CR to reflect the following:

1019. Discard

- 1019.1. "To discard" a card is to move a card from your hand to your graveyard.

  1019.1a. If the card is moved to a different zone instead of the graveyard due to certain replacement effects, it is still considered as being successfully discarded.

- 1019.2. If something says "discard hand" without any number or specific cards, that player discards all cards in their hand.

  1019.2a. If they have no cards in their hand at that time, it is still considered as "discarded".

- 1019.3. Automatic abilities that trigger on discarding a card (e.g. “when this card is discarded” or “whenever a player discards a card”) will trigger when that card leaves the hand zone, not when it is put into a graveyard.

With this CR update, it can be understood clearly that Rezzard will not be able to stop effects from discarding Atoms, as 1019.3 states that the ability triggers when that card leaves the hand zone, and not when it is put into the graveyard.