Alice Origin 3rd Q&A

Dear Rulers,
As we have received numerous ruling questions asking for clarification on how the cards are supposed to function, we have compiled them into a Q&A so that players are clearer on how the cards are supposed to function and interact with other cards. 

AO3 Buy A Box-2 RR: Reflect


QCan you please specify the exact timing of when a player may invert Reflect to Refrain at the beginning of a game?


AAfter determining the first and second players and [Energize] happens, but before the “beginning of game”. This doesn’t use the chase and cannot be cancelled by the other player.


QDoes this affect Light resonators, Fire resonators and Light/Fire resonators? Or strictly Light/Fire resonators? Also, is this effect optional or mandatory? If I have 2 Light resonators in my hand, can I only treat 1 as Goddess (and not both)?


AYes, this affects Light resonators, Fire resonators and Light/Fire resonators, not strictly Light/Fire resonators. As the ability is “you may”, it is optional and you have the option to choose whether or not those resonators in your hand are treated as Goddess.


QI control “Gatekeeper of Vell-Savaria” and “Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance (Stranger). I now play an “Accel, the White Gale Eagle” from my hand, which is treated as “Goddess” in my hand because of the ability of “Gatekeeper of Vell-Savaria”. How many times will the [Enter] ability of “Accel, the White Gale Eagle” trigger?


AThe [Enter] ability of “Accel, the White Gale Eagle” will trigger only once. Although “Accel, the White Gale Eagle” is treated as “Goddess” in the hand, it is no longer a “Goddess” when it enters the field, and hence will not be affected by the abilities of “Frigg, the Goddess of Abundance (Stranger)”.



QHow does this ability “This card gains [+X/+Y] and all abilities of the resonator removed by this card where X is the ATK and Y is the DEF of that resonator” work?


AThis is not part of the [Enter] ability, but a continuous ability held by the card. Thus, it will be negated by effects like “Separation of Fates” (Target J/resonator loses all abilities until end of turn.).



QDo you get to draw 2 cards if this card enters the field from an opponent’s deck?


AYes, you get to draw 2 cards.



QDoes the first option “Recover up to two J/resonator with [Flying]” target?


ANo, it doesn’t target.


AO3-065: Deathscythe


QCan this will be used to play a card from your opponent’s graveyard? 


AIf you have the means to play cards from your opponent’s graveyard through other abilities, then yes, you may use the will produced to pay for them. (This card does not grant you the ability to play cards from opponent’s graveyard.)


QCan this will be used to pay the activate ability of a card on the field or activate ability of cards in your graveyard?


AThe produced will cannot be used to pay for activate ability of card on the field, only active ability of card in the graveyard. (e.g. the activate ability of “Faust, the Promising Warrior (Stranger)”)



QI control this card on the field, and also control two other Five Heroes (“Lars, Knight of the Sacred Spirit” and “Pier, the Godspeed Archer”). Can I play another “Faurecia” card for [Darkness] or [Wind] less, as I control a Five Heroes with a different name than “Faurecia”. Also, if I control two other Five Heroes, can I pay [Darkness] and [Wind] less?


AYou can play another “Faurecia” card for [Darkness] or [Wind] less (and not both) as this only check for other Five Heroes in your field, and it doesn’t matter if you control “Faurecia”.



QHow much will do I have to pay if I am playing this card when I have 5 (Stranger) resonators (2x Frigg, 2x Ares, 1x Michael) in my removed area?



A[1][Light][Wind], because there are only 3 (Stranger) resonators of different names in the removed area (Frigg, Ares, Michael) so there will be a reduction of [3] only.



QIf there is no entity on the field, can I play this card using its alternative cost? Also if there are two resonators in the field that can’t be banished, such as “Vala, the Bewiling Mage”, can I play them using its alternative cost?


ANo. If there is no entity, you cannot fulfill the “all but one entity” and you cannot play it using the alternative cost. Similarly, if you control two resonators that cannot be banished, you cannot play the card using its alternative cost.


QCan I use the produced will to play a Sword Art with [Remnant] from my graveyard?


AYes, you can.