Prologue of Attoractia Q&A

Dear Rulers,

With the release of Alice Origins 4thSet, Prologue of Attoractia, we have compiled a Q&A with the new cards so players can be clear on how the cards are designed to work and function.

Please also note that the following cards have gone through functional errata, and their functions have been described in our previous article, so here’s the link in case you miss it:

PofA-019 Alisaris, Minion of Lapis
PofA-048 Blazer, Minion of Lapis
PofA-092 Grand Cross Reincarnation

Errata PofA-019 Alisaris, Minion of Lapis, PofA-048 Blazer, Minion of Lapis and PofA-092 Grand Cross Reincarnation

PofA Buy a Box-1 Gill Lapis


Q: If I control Gill Lapis as my Ruler, can I pay the attribute cost of Minions and Moon Arts with any will? Even [Void] wills?

A: Yes, you may. This is different from previous cards that allow you to pay attribute costs with “will of any attribute”, hence the term “with any will” instead.

Q: There are some Moon Arts with [Moon] will in the cost. If I control Gill Lapis as my Ruler, can I use any will to pay for the [Moon] will as well?

A: No. [Moon] will and [Time] will are not considered attribute costs. They are characteristic costs and hence you cannot pay for them using any will.


Q: Do I have to gain [Limit Break] (Gill Lapis) before I can use his God’s Art?

A: Yes. A card will gain the abilities below the [Limit Break] only when you have the [Limit Break] (cardname) of the card.

Q: Let’s say I have already used the God’s Art of my J-Ruler Gill Lapis a couple of turns ago. Can I activate the rest ability of the J-Ruler before my recovery phase, and activate the rest ability after recovery to perform two additional God’s Art this turn?

A: Yes, you may.

Q: I have activated the God’s Art Gill Lapis so now resonators my opponent control get [-400/-400]. If my J-Ruler dies and turns back into a ruler, will the [-400/-400] still apply?

A: No. As written in CR 10, under 302.3a, any effect applied to a card in an older zone is not applied to the card in the newer zone. 

PofA-003 Lenneth’s Wish 


Q: What happens when I play this card when I’m playing Magna and don’t have a Stranger deck?

A: Nothing will happen. Magna don’t have (Stranger), so nothing happens on resolution as (Stranger) resonators cannot be moved.

PofA-019 Alisaris, Minion of Lapis 


Q: For its [Enter] ability, can I choose to name Light or Darkness crystals that my opponent have?

A: No. You can only name counters, not crystals.

Q: If both my opponent and I have 2 of the named counters on each of our cards, can I choose to remove 2 from his cards and none of mine? Or am I required to remove all 4 counters?

A: You can choose to remove 2 from his cards only. This effect has gone through errata, so you remove up to 4 counters instead.

PofA-080 Adombrali 


Q: Can I choose to reveal (Stranger) resonators to reduce part of the cost and pay the remaining cost? For example, I reveal a light, fire (Stranger) resonator and a water, wind (Stranger) resonator and pay one darkness will?

A: No, you cannot choose to pay a partial cost. Either you play the card via revealing (Stranger) resonators that combined have all attributes, or you pay the original cost of the card.