Prologue Attoractia Sample Decks

Hey there Rulers, with the release of the new set, 

we want to give you some Deck Recipes 

for new and existing players to try out the new cards!

Sample Deck For Beginners

This deck is a Beatdown Deck that makes good use of Gill Lapis' [Limit Break] to enhance the abilities of minions and gives you an edge in the game! Players should activate “Blazer, Minion of Lapis” limit break first, and then follow it up with “Lenneth, the Dark Priestess” limit break and finally “Gill Lapis” limit break to make the game progress smoothly! The entire deck can be built using AO4 cards, so it is highly recommended for players just getting started!


Sample Deck For Gill Lapis

This Gill Lapis deck is a Burn Deck that uses the powerful powers of "Blazer, Minion of Lapis" to defeat your opponents! The strategy is to activate Limit break "Blazer, Minion of Lapis" from the beginning and banish "Blazer, Minion of Lapis" in the field to directly damage your opponent!

This deck has many support cards that bring "Blazer, Minion of Lapis" from the graveyard back into the field!


Sample Deck For Dark Alice

This deck is a Control Deck that makes good use of awakened "Royal Straight Flush" and destroys the opponent's field's while deploying Resonators on its own field!

At the beginning of the game, we aim to find "Unknown Mother Goose" in "Jeanne d'Arc, Heroine of Shadow" and put Regalia on the field on the second turn.

During the mid-game, players use "Unknown Mother Goose" to bring out Fairy Tale resonators to the field and collect light crystals and darkness crystals. When a card that threatens you is played, play "Shadow X" or "Schrödinger's Cry" and deal with it!

Finally, let's make good use of [Shadow Swordsmaster]'s [Enter] ability and Dark Alice's God's Art to collect 5 types of card soldiers and play "Royal Straight Flush"!


Sample Deck For Magna

This deck is a Beatdown Deck that utilizes Strangers from the main deck due to the effect of Magna and plays them on the field! In particular, Strangers with excellent [Enter] ability are even more powerful as you can use their effects repeatedly through "Princess of Dragon Palace (Stranger)" and "Grand Cross Reincarnation"! Players can also play a lot of Stranger resonators, Judgment of Magna and God's Art quickly by putting a lot of regalia on the field!