Founding Beliefs Part 1 - (+Team 3)

Eiji Shishido, CEO of Force of Will, here once again~

We are now officially back in the swing of work here at Force of Wind, erm… excuse me, Force of Will HQ! Haha, we have a whole lot of exciting topics planed out for 2018, and I’ll be visiting certain tournaments and countries all over the world! We also should respond to a lot of your comments and make sure we are doing a good job. To start off this year on the right foot, I would like the first official post to talk about something close to my heart.


Today I would like to introduce to you something very important to our game. As I briefly mentioned in my Christmas message, Force of Will Co. has never really taken the time to explicitly state our founding beliefs and where we stand. This year, we have vowed to make some serious changes, and in that light, we have updated our founding beliefs to mirror our new direction. 

Over the next 3 months, I will be taking some time each month to explain a little bit about what we as a company believe in, why we think those traits are valuable, and also to discuss some of our inner workings. A strong game must be built upon a strong foundation. It is important to remember that we are only as strong as our foundations, so I, alongside our new Global Liaison, and core members of company have been discussing these beliefs for quite sometime in order to present to you an exhaustive list of the ten defining features that mold the way we play, design, and organize all aspects of our game. 

Today, being the introductory article, should focus then on the first three of our ten founding beliefs, as well as some discussion on the first Team’s role in the game.

  1. Force of Will Co. grow together with friends across the world. Quite a bold claim, but our idea is simple. We are all born in different countries, raised in different families, and speak different languages, but I still think that we can become a single community together. Many players from all over the world play Force of Will. It is because of that shared experience that we are able to meet friends in different countries, to travel around the world in order to play at different Grand Prix events, and even the World Grand Prix! The WGP is a celebration of those champions from all over the world. Our Force of Will Way, amongst all else, is that we as a community grow together. Players across the globe are playing our game and enjoying that experience while embracing each other, regardless of our differences and we are always striving to improve ourselves and our community in the best way possible.

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  3. Force of Will Co. encourage you to journey the world. We want players to be able to share and communicate with other Force of Will players across the world. To create friendships and bonds that people can cherish far into the future. We can facilitate those experiences by having our many Grand Prix tournaments all over the world, and having different events that players can travel to all over the world. Players can become global citizens with friends in many countries and understand their friends cultures and histories. Maybe you can even travel to visit them!

  4. 84a2e07d-3070-49bc-bad1-ff272f69a90c.jpg

  5. Force of Will Co. show you the world from your game table. While we want our game to grow on an international level, we also understand that the foundations of any game are at the local game shops. We don’t want you to think that we only care about the international aspect of our game! We want Force of Will players to be able to experience our world from their LGS as well. Let’s leave your PC and visit your LGS, join your local community and our events. Wonderful friends and tables will be there, the ones we talk about with our favorite games, that we make our newest deck with, and test before our tournaments with. Local communities are our minimum entity, and we are composed by gathering those communities. You can see our world through your local table. We hope that in the coming year, we can increase the number of shops that believe in our idea of a supported LGS, and that we can have more official stores all over the world who want to host events and share our wonderful game. In addition, we hope that players will learn from our game as well. We purposely include many countries cultures and history in our game so that players can become interested in them! We hope that learning more about the world around us invites our players to understand each other more, and have chances to experience those different cultures!

So there you have it. The first three pieces of our founding beliefs. Quite a mouthful. That is why we decided to break it up into 3 different posts! In conjunction with those three beliefs, I would also like to share with you the first team that we discussed briefly in our Christmas article. 


Research and Planning Team

Our Research and Planning team welcome your assistance. There are many games that stand alone, but Force of Will is a different type of game. It is a game that is going to stand with its community. Your opinions are what make Force of Will what it is. It is not always the loudest voice in the room that we hear, as there are many others with quiet whispers that are equally important. Our hope is that by sharing our founding beliefs with everyone, we can share a game ideology and work toward that goal and realized it together. 

It is definitely not easy, but it is very important to find ways that we incorporate the many great ideas from our communities across the globe, as well as the excellent team members we have working on our game. It is also important that we have data to support and justify our changes from communities and shops. We need to understand the meta, the unique match ups, the types of players playing in our game, and remember not be distracted by individuals who are incredibly vocal, but a very small portion of the actual player base. We should collect more widespread data, from more sources. This keeps biases to a minimum and with our team, the communities input we will receive, and the data we collect, we can draw correlations to the most successful paths to take moving forward. To spread widely this new system is the first important role for this team


To realise our founding beliefs, this team is going to design some evaluation points and rewards for various aspects, not only for winning games but also for some unique and good achievements. We strongly believe these ideas to be some of the most important aspects of improving and providing an excellent  FORCE OF WILL user experience.