My Will, My Game Campaign

Hello Rulers!

Thank you for playing and supporting Force of Will every Time!
It’s been three years since Force of Will had its debut in the West on 14th Feb. We’ve had a lot of exciting experiences already and there is much more to come. To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, we want to reach out to many of our devoted players who’ve enjoyed our game for a long time as well as our old cards, and have an opportunity for them to see our new game, as well as the new direction we have taken.

To participate in this Campaign:
・Players should make sure they have our Will Power App downloaded on their mobile device.

We have a special request for you: 
・On February 14th until February 25th (EST) please check our app and fill out the form so we may deliver mail to you.

We will enclose a special PR Cheshire Cat, the Grinning Remnant card to express our gratitude to some lucky players (not everyone) for your proactive participation in our event.

The Rules
・You can only fill out the form once!
・After receiving the mail, please share the images to the entire world by using the hashtag  #FoWTCG on social media!

We’re happy you can enjoy Force of Will together and celebrate our 3 year anniversary with us!

See you soon!
-Force of Will Team

※Any sensitive information received from you is kept strictly confidential by Force of Will Inc.
It will be not used for any purpose other than for delivering information and promotional items from our company. We will never disclose your information to third parties.

※Even if you apply using the following form, there is a chance you will not receive any mail. Force of Will cannot be held responsible for this.

※If you have any questions or comments, please visit the following page