The Epic of the Dragon Q&A

Dear Rulers,

With the release of the Epic of the Dragon, we have compiled a Q&A with the new cards so players can be clear on how the cards are designed to work and function. Please note also that EDL-011 Reiya, Spawn of the Star // Twinkle of the Star has gone through a functional errata in our previous article, so here’s the link in case you missed it: (INSERT LINK TO ERRATA)

EDL-011 Reiya, Spawn of the Star // Twinkle of the Star


Q: If an ability puts three [+100/+100] counters in Reiya, Spawn of the Star, will I be able to choose the triggered ability three times or only once?

A: Due to the confusion on how this card can work, it was errata’ed to read “Whenever one or more [+100/+100] countersareput on this card >>> Choose one;”, so it is now clear that the ability will trigger only once regardless of how many counters were put.


EDL-036 Spirit of Scorched Bales


Q: I play Spirit of Scorched Bales targeting my opponent, who has 5 resonators: One 100/100 resonator, one 100/200 resonator with [Eternal], one 200/200 resonator that prevents the next damage dealt to it, one 100/300 resonator with 200 damage on it and one 200/300 resonator. How many Fire Wills will be produced after the spell resolve?

A: Two. Only the 100/200 resonator with [Eternal] and the 200/300 resonator are dealt damage and not destroyed by the damage. No damage was dealt to the 200/200 as the damage was prevented, and both the 100/100 and 100/300 resonators are destroyed.


EDL-058 Altesing, Mischievous Boy // A Glimpse of the Prodigy


Q: Which of my opponent’s Altesing, Mischievous Boy’s abilities can I cancel with A Glimpse of the Prodigy?

A: You can cancel the [Enter] ability of Altesing, Mischievous Boy as it is an automatic ability, but not its second ability to return itself because that is an activated ability.

Alternative Cards


Q: After playing Heavenly Fruit, if there is an Alternative Card in the graveyard, can I choose and play the chant half since it is a Resonator/Chant card?

A: No. The Comprehensive Rules have been updated to clearly explain the rules for Alternative Cards. Under 1307.3a, the chosen half is evaluated to see if it can be cast, so in this case, the Chant side cannot be played as Heaven Fruit only allow Resonators to be played from the graveyard.


Q: Can I choose an Alternative Card (Resonator/Chant) from my graveyard and put it into my hand with Elixir’s Love?

A: Yes, you can. Outside of the chase and the field, the characteristics of an alternative card are those of its two halves combined, so you can choose a Resonator/Chant from your graveyard to return it to your hand with Elixir’s Love.