S1 Deck Recipe Introduction


Oborozuki deck recipe introduction!
Let’s use various cards to put +100/+100 counters on entities in the field, reduce the play cost of Star Dragon and play immediately to decide the game!!  With the synergies of Magic Bird and Reiya, Spawn of the Star, you can even heal or destroy your opponent's resonators!!



Welser deck recipe introduction!
It is a deck that wins by aiming for Welser'sjudgment, making full use of cards that putmagic stones into play, such as Griphon,Racing Across Darkness!After judgment, use Welser's effect to playPricia’s Call to Action and The Last Secret Swordmany times to control your opponent's board and life!


Lilias deck recipe introduction!
This deck is a very straightforward Burn Deck!With low play cost cards such asThunder Wolf // Thunder while accumulatingLilias strength counters to deal more and moredamage to the opponent!Judgement Lilias during midgame and usethe effects of Lilias to increase the amount ofdamage done to your opponents and decide the game!



Mikage deck recipe introduction!
This is a Beatdown Deck that takes advantageof the Zombie Resonators synergies to reanimateResonators from Graveyard and summonBone Dragon to the field early! InterdimensionalGraveyard is extremely helpful, making it possible to flood the field with Zombie Tokens!


Selesta deck recipe introduction!
This deck makes good use of the many"Bounce" cards that are inside the deck, so you
can dodge the opponent's attacks easily, andcollect Treasure cards with the effect of Selesta!
Collect Treasure cards and perform judgement with Selesta to win the game!


Ragnarok deck recipe introduction!
The effects of the ruler are very powerful,even though it has limitations in deck
construction. With this ruler, you can use theeffects of the ruler in the early stages to gainan advantage! While dealing with the opponent'sboard using the effects of the ruler, you canincrease your hand and attack all at once!Only one copy of each card can be in this deck,so building a deck is extremely difficult!Sideboards are not included in this recipe, so feel free to build your sideboards to suit your meta!