The Magic Stone War - Zero Q&A

Dear Rulers,

With the release of Saga Cluster 2nd booster, The Magic Stone War – Zero, we have compiled a Q&A with the new cards so that players will have a clearer idea on the designed intention of the cards.

Please note that the following cards have gone through errata so that they work as originally intended, and here’s the link in case you miss it:

Errata on MSW-073 Grusbalesta and MSW-038 Fountain of the Oblivion Moon

MSW-038 Fountain of the Oblivion Moon
MSW-073 Grusbalesta

The Comprehensive Rules have also been updated to reflect and update how [Tag] rulers, mulligans and [Awakening] function, and the latest CR is available atComprehensive Rules.


[Tag] Rulers:


Question: If I play a deck with [Tag] rulers, and I am going second, what attribute(s) will my [Energize] token produce?

Answer: [Energize] allows the player not going first to start the game with a will coin token that references the attributes of your starting ruler(s), so in the case of Zero and Fiethsing, you will get a will coin token that is able to produce either a Light or Wind will. Even if any of the rulers are changed mid-game, the will coin token will stay the same.


“You may not have more than one copy” vs “You may have any number of copies”:


Question: If I am playing Ragnarok as my ruler, it states that “You may not have more than one copy of any card in your deck.” However, Infinite Matchsticks states that “You may have any number of copies of this card in your deck.” So which do I follow?

Answer: If you are playing Ragnarok as your ruler, then you may at most have 1 copy of Infinite Matchstick in your deck.


Wolfgang’s alternate cost for Awakening:


Question: If I use Wolfgang’s ability to put a madness counter on it rather than to pay an Awakening cost of X, can I choose X to be of any number I wish?

Answer: The CR has been updated to reflect this. If X is in the Awakening cost and an alternative method is used to pay for the cost, then X is 0.


Return target spell / Put target spell:


Question: When I play Welser, Master of the Six Sages, its [Enter] ability says I can return target spell to its owner’s hand. Does this mean I can return entities from my opponent’s field or what can I return? Similarly for Fiola, Spirit of Oblivion, can I target my opponent’s additions on the field?

Answer: No, you cannot return entities from the field. These abilities only let you target spells that are on the chase, so if your opponent is playing a spell like for example a resonator, then you can play Welser to return that spell to your opponent’s hand while it is still on the chase. Any cost that has been paid to play that resonator is already paid, so your opponent just wasted his resources and achieved nothing. Similarly, Fiola targets non-resonator spells on the chase, and puts them into the bottom of its owner’s deck instead.


Playing Alternative Cards with Three-Eyed Fortune Teller:


Question: If I have Three-Eyed Fortune Teller on the field, and the top card of my deck is an Alternative card, say Welser, Master of the Six Sages / His Last Lecture, can I play the card? What about the resonator half?

Answer:Yes, you can play the card as an Alternative card is considered both a resonator and a chant card, so it fulfils the requirements of Three-Eyed Fortune Teller. Furthermore, since it is permitted to play the card, you can even choose the resonator half to play it!


Flying Bamboo:


Question: If I play Flying Bamboo and swap one of my [Tag] rulers, can I choose the same ruler from outside of the game? Also, if originally the ruler I swapped out is rested, does the new ruler come in ready or rested?

Answer: In a tournament, when a card references cards from outside of the game, it refers to cards in the side deck. So since you can’t have 2 rulers of the same name in your main and side decks, you will not be able to swap it for the same ruler. The new swapped ruler will always enter ready.


Question: If my [Tag] ruler is astral, and I play two Flying Bamboos to swap it out with another ruler, and then swap it back in again, will it still be astral?

Answer: No. The moment it is swapped out, there is no longer any indication of its astral condition, so when it get swapped back in, it is seen as a total new card.


Question: If I am not playing with a [Tag] ruler, can I still play Flying Bamboo, so that I can use a Moon will and get its resonator half into the field at Quickcast speed?

Answer: Yes, you can. Flying Bamboo does not have any targets or requirements for you to play it. If you do not have a [Tag] ruler, the first part of its ability simply will do nothing.