Assault into the Demonic World Q&A

ADW-019 Atomic Reactor


Q : Can I search for Magic Stone of Atoms from my magic stone deck since it is also an Atom?

A : No. You can only search from your main deck, not your magic stone deck. Also, magic stones cannot enter your hand.

ADW-038 Lightning Rod Mermaid


Q: If my opponent plays a spell with a target chosen at random, does he have to choose this card as the target?

A : No. Your opponent has to target this card only if he is able to. Since the target is chosen at random, he will not be forced to target this card.

ADW-043 The Mysteries of Moojdart


Q : If I have [Seal](10), can I put a knowledge counter on a J/ruler I control?

A : Yes. The replacement effect of the [Seal](10) changes the draw a card into draw three cards instead. You will still get to put the knowledge counter.

ADW-044 The Thunder Empress's Strike


Q : For the first two options, do I have to play the card I removed immediately? Or can I choose to leave it in the Remove from Game Zone and play it at a later time when needed?

A : You have to play it immediately.

ADW-055 Number Four, Anti-Magic


Q : Can I target to remove a spell that cannot be cancelled?

A : Yes, you can.

ADW-060 Witch with a Pointy Hat


Q : For the [Seal](4) [Enter] ability, can I cancel a Judgment of my opponent’s ruler?

A : No, Judgment in the chase area is neither a spell nor an ability.