S3 Sample Deck Lists

Faria Sample Deck List

In the early game, use entities with [Guidance] such as "Glowing Tree of Valhalla" and "Charlotte", and increase their [Guidance] counters with Excalibur Genesis and Schrödinger. In the middle of the game, Schrödinger's resting effect and Excalibur Reincarnation will parry the opponent's attack, while Lenneth will take advantage of the game development. At the end of the game, let Faria judgment and attack with other Heroes that have undergone + 1000 / + 1000 boosts! 


Violet Sample Deck List

From the beginning, let's keep the Atom cards with light, water and wind attributes and Heart-to-Heart Talk in your hand! Combined with the effects of the ruler Violet and Tiny Violet, we will increase the number of cards with the Atom race in the graveyard.In the middle, use the Improved Burning Robot to reuse the Atom cards in the graveyard and get the Atomic Bahamut into play. When you have 5 or more Atom cards in your graveyard, play Atomic Bahamut and decide the game at once with 4000 points of high firepower! 


Olivia Sample Deck List

Call Dolly with Olivia's God’s Art from the beginning and aim to stabilize the cards that have the effect of randomly activating. Let's avoid the opponent's interference while deploying Lightning Rod Mermaid well during the mid-game! In the meantime, we will develop a school of fish (Fish Resonators) in the field with Fish Drive, etc. Eventually, play Tera Thunderfish and attack your opponent with a school of fish that has been strengthened all at once!


Brad Sample Deck List

We will aim for early judgment from the beginning, and deploy Yggdrasil and Guardian Dragon so that we can make good use of the [Seal] ability. Increase your knowledge counter with Cancel spells and various “Mysteries” cards. Finally, use The Mysteries of Milest to reduce your opponent's life at once! 


Wolfgang Sample Deck List

In the early game, we will use Wolfgang's activation effect well by Residents of the Demonic World to expand the additions of the Demonic World race on the field. During the mid-game, while increasing your hand with Bloodlord, you will destroy the resonator that your opponent is deploying with Darklord... At the end of the game, deploy the Fallen Angel of Terminus and aim for a special victory!