The Seventh (S4) Q&A

TST-004 Charlotte, Inheritor of the Seventh Power


Q: What happens if I reveal and play a card like EDL-001 Dispelling Stone that shuffles itself into the deck as it resolves? Do I shuffle it into the deck or put it back to its original zone (the sideboard)? What if the card is an Inverse card like TSW-008 Flourishing Hope?

A: As it has two different destinations in which the card is supposed to go as it resolves, the controller will choose one of the destination instead. It works differently for Inverse cards though, because the removal of the card inverted is part of the spell’s resolution, so it will be removed inverted from the game before it has a chance to go back to its original zone, which do not grant you a choice in this case.

TST-022 Violet, Flame of Providence Distortion


Q: “This card gains “Violet, Atomic Automation” in addition to its other names.” Does this ability work while the card is in the field? Or is it active in all zones?

A: This ability is a base ability so it is active and applied in all zones.

TST-035 Attendant of Asmodeus


Q: What happens to the [Enter] ability if I have less than five cards in my deck? Can I remove the remaining cards to recover three magic stones?

A: No. The [Enter] ability is an optional trigger. Since you cannot remove five cards as you have less than that, you may not trigger that effect.

TST-061 The Fourth Boon: Last Regrets, Black Tears


Q: If I choose to apply the [Fallen] abilities of target resonator, can my opponent chase to this card?

A: Yes. The part where “Players cannot chase to this card.” only applies to the first option.

TST-068 Astema’s Cerberus


Q: How exactly does the enter effect of this card work? So do we perform X times or X-1 times?

A: You perform the enter effect X times. For example, if X=3, this card will deal 300 damage (times three = 900 damage due to its continuous ability) to each opposing J/resonator, and you repeat this effect 2 times, effectively a total of 3 times.

TST-073 Belial


Q: If I do not have [Fallen], can I still play his God’s Art?

A: Yes, you may. The [Fallen] ability is only applicable to the “You cannot lose the game. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you.” as they are in the same paragraph. The God’s Art is of an separate paragraph.

TST-086 Inferno


Q: What happens if I choose the 3rd option when I have more life than my opponent? Do they continue to lose life till 0 life and lose? Since they will never be able to lose life until they have the same amount of life as me? 

A: As per CR 104.2, you ignore any effects that are impossible to do, like in this case, lose life until the same amount (which is impossible since your life is higher). Similarly for the other options.