Will Power System Point Reset and Rewards Update!

Hey there, rulers! The current season for the Will Power System is nearing its conclusion and will finish on August 31st (Japanese time). This means that on that day, all existing Will Power System point totals will be cataloged and then your existing point total will be reset for the new season to begin. All existing currently non-scanned QR codes from previous Alice Cluster and Lapis Cluster booster packs will still work.

As previously announced players can receive rewards based on their cataloged point totals from this season. Your point total up to August 31st is saved by Force of Will Co. even after the reset occurs, so don't worry. In order to receive your Will Power Rewards, the Will Power System application will prompt you to enter your mailing information so we can send you your prizes. It is your responsibility to enter your entire mailing address including; Name, House/Apt Number, Street, City, Country, Zip Code, and any other information necessary for your local postal service to locate your domicile. Force of Will Co. is not responsible for the failure to receive your rewards due to an improper address.

Rewards will be mailed out later this year after the reset has taken place. Below you can find a list of the reward cards it is possible to receive;

All Cards Listed Below Will Be Full Art Variants

SDL1-009/SDL1-009 J Millium Prince of the Light Palace//Millium Voice of a New Generation (Uber Print)

SDL2-007/SDL2-007 J Lunya, the Wolf Girl//Nyarlathotep, The True False Legend (Uber Print)

SDL3-007/SDL3-007 J Mercurius,Wizard of the Water Star//Mercurius, Dark Commander of Ice (Uber Print)

SDL4-002/SDL4-002 J FIethsing, Six Sage of Wind//Fiethsing, Master Magus of Holy Wind (Uber Print)

SDL5-001/SDL5-001 J Ally of the Black Moon//Eternal Vampire, Mikage Seijuro (Uber Print)

VIN003-007//VIN003-007 J Guardian of Light Magic Stones//Avatar of Light Magic Stones (Uber Print)

VIN003-025//VIN003-025 J Guardian of Fire Magic Stones//Avatar of Fire Magic Stones (Uber Print)

VIN003-036//VIN003-036 J Guardian of Water Magic Stones//Avatar of Water Magic Stones (Uber Print)

VIN003-048/VIN003-048 J Guardian of Wind Magic Stones//Avatar of Wind Magic Stones (Uber Print)

VIN003-068/VIN003-068 J Guardian of Darkness Magic Stones//Avatar of Darkness Magic Stones (Uber Print)

ENW-004/ENW-004 J Book of Light//Re-Earth, New World Fairy Tale (Special Alternate Art Print)

ENW-071/ENW-071 J Book of Dark//Lapistory, Subjugation Fairy Tale (Special Alternate Art Print)

Which of these twelve cards you received depends on your rank. Any rank below VIP will received a number of randomly selected cards from the above list based on their rank. VIPs will receive one copy of each of the cards listed above.

VIP600 Points12 PR Card Rewards
A400 Points8 PR Card Rewards
B300 Points4 PR Card Rewards
C200 Points2 PR Card Rewards
D100 Points1 PR Card Reward
EBelow 100 PointsA Randomly Selected 300 People Will Receive A Prize
Additionally, the top 500 players among the VIP rank will receive an additional prize. Each of the top 500 players will receive an uber print of RDE-060/RDE-060 J/RDE-060 J* Gill Alhama'at//Ebon Dragon Emperor, Gill Alhama'at//Gill Alhama'at, He Who Grasps All. These limited five hundred cards each have their player's unique ranking (from 1~500) printed on them. Each sub-tier (found below) will also have a special accent/stamp adorning the card to denote the sub rank.

11st Sub-rank Prize
2~92nd Sub-rank Prize
10~1003rd Sub-rank Prize
101~2004th Sub-rank Prize
201~3005th Sub-rank Prize
301~4006th Sub-rank Prize
401~5007th Sub-rank Prize