Banned/Limited List

Wanderer Banned List

          Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-006)

          Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099)

          Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094)

          Laevateinn, the Demon Sword (TTW-099)

          Captain Hook, the Pirate (CFC-037, L3 - BB)

          The Cheshire Cat's Assistance (ENW-049)

          Umr at-Tawil (ENW-051)

          Fiethsing / Fiethsing (MSW-053)

          Forest Meditation (SDVE4-005)

          Gretel (CMF-069)

          Law of Silence (CMF-071, VIN001-054)

          Lykeion, the Magic Academy (EDL-062)

          Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106)

          Severing Winds (ENW-063)

          Speaker of Eternal Night / Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights (TWS-109)

          Spinning Myths (RDE-031)

          True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113)

          Wall of Wind (TMS-064) (WL005)

          Demonic Dead (ENW-074)

          Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079)

          Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100)

          Athenia, Deity of Harvest and Corruption (DBV-092)

          Kaguya, Sealed God of the Moon (DBV-095)

          Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082)


Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-006)

Since it was printed, Reflect/Refrain has been one of the most versatile Rulers that exists. Reflect can be used to play Control, Aggro or Combo decks. But what makes Reflect as powerful as it is, is its regalia, Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-006). Without its regalia, the abilities that Reflect has can be handled, making him another good ruler to play instead of the broken ruler it was in the past. As we want everyone to enjoy as much as possible of their favourite rulers, we have decided that instead of putting on the banned list Reflect, we are banning Change the World, Orb of Illusion (TTW-006).


Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099)

One of the game win conditions is to begin a turn with zero cards in the deck and lose due not being able to draw. Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099) erases by itself this win condition for every deck, because when you use it, it shuffles itself into the deck, being by itself an endless loop of the main deck. There are other cards that can return the graveyard to the deck, but those cards don't return themselves to the deck and don't cost zero will. These are the reasons why Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099) is banned.


Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094)

There are few cards on this list that exceed the expectations of what they were made of. Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094) is one of them. It was printed to help Kaguya to awaken large cost spells or resonators, but after the Time Spinning Witch was printed, Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094) became a problem due the ability of the Spinning Witch of producing Time Will and using that will also for awakening cards.


Even more, the cost one resonators are more powerful now than ever, and being able to recast them paing zero will at quickcast speed makes Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094) a really powerful threat for control, aggro and combo. These are the reasons why Interdimensional Vessel, Apollo (TMS-094) is banned.


Laevateinn, the Demon Sword (TTW-099)

This card became a problem when everyone realized that giving Swiftness to any ruler with zero cost was the way to go. This card by itself created some of the most unfair decks ever seen in Force of Will, as Bahablast or Pricia OTK. Drawing multiple copies of Laevateinn, the Demon Sword (TTW-099) wasnt even a bad thing, as they can be discarded to produce will. Moreover, the ability of banishing resonators for free is also a combo enabler, making it even more powerful than it is. These are the reasons why Laevateinn, the Demon Sword (TTW-099) is banned.


Captain Hook, the Pirate (CFC-037, L3-BaB)

Captain Hook has been a powerful threat since its original printing on CFC. This card has been played always with ramp spells or ramp resonators. When this card was paired with Lumia, you had to be aware or you would lose the game due not having enough Magic Stones to play cards.


But that was because it was a five cost card. After the printing of Forest of the Lost, Misty Woods, the cost of putting Captain Hook into the field changed from five to one, making a turn 2 Quickcast Speed Captain Hook viable using the Time Spinning Witch as the Ruler. There have been a lot of cards that abuse the Fairy Tales race, but this one has proven to be unfun to play against and incredibly powerful. These are the reasons why Captain Hook, the Pirate (CFC-037, L3-BaB) is banned.


The Cheshire Cat's Assistance (ENW-049)

Soon after this card was printed a turn one combo that cannot be stopped appeared in Force of Will. This card forced the game to revolve against an unbeatable combo, making the game not fun to play and forcing almost everyone out of Wanderer. Today, there are even more cards and more rulers that can abuse this card, making non-fun games and unstoppable situations. As we dont like one card combo decks, The Cheshire Cat's Assistance (ENW-049) is banned.


Umr-at-Tawil (ENW-051)

Wanderer is right now in a very healthy state. We have seen so many rulers winning tournaments from all over the world, so many strategies popping out and so much fun. Umr-at-Tawil has represented the Combo part of Wanderer for a long time, making the game enjoyable, yet complex enough for new players.


Even if we think that Umr-at-Tawil should remain unbanned, we agree that banning him will encourage more players to play Wanderer in the long run. It will also give them a nudge to have fun with their older cards. Because of this, we have decided that Umr-at-Tawil (ENW-051) has to be banned.


Fiethsing (MSW-053)

Fiethsing has joined the game being the most powerful and versatile ruler since Scheherazade. Her ability of producing 1 colorless will for chants lets early game plays that ends being a 2x1 or 3x1 or even a huge 4x1. She also has become the ruler to play in aggro, combo and control due the ability of doing multiple mulligans. Even if you decide not tag her with any other Six Sages she is a standalone powerhouse. She has become more than 50% of the metagame. This is why Fiethsing (MSW-053) is banned.


Forest Meditation (SDVE4-005, DBV-062)

This card has a super powerful interaction with Spirit Stone. When we banned Spirit Stone in New Frontiers, we had to decide what was more relevant: having the ability to draw more cards or to add another attribute to the deck. In Wanderer this is not an issue, as there are a lot of ramp spells and there are even five-attribute stones.


In this scenario, where we can float two Wind wills with the Spirit Stones, banish those to draw 2 cards, cast Forest Meditation, put those Spirit Stones into the field recovered and draw another card without being a problem for our deck, we had to choose between ban the Spirit Stone again or the Forest Meditation. As Forest Meditation can only be played in a Hanzo or Chamimi deck, and Spirit Stone can be played in multiple decks, we have decided that hurting as less decks as possible is the way to go, so Forest Meditation (SDVE4-005, DBV-062) is banned.


Gretel (CMF-069)

This card provides much power to the Wind decks. Due to its race (Human), its cost (2) and the ability of putting a wind stone recovered on the field, Gretel (CMF-069) is one of the most powerful cards ever printed. It creates alone game states that put the player playing Gretel in a huge advantage, forcing everyone to play Wind decks. There are a lot of ways to put Gretel into play paying less than 2 (even zero!), making it even more powerful than it is. As we want Wanderer to be as diverse as possible, Gretel (CMF-069) is banned.


Law of Silence (CMF-071, VIN001-054)

A lot can be said about this card. Law of Silence (CMF-071, VIN001-054) acts like another cancel spell and as the best combo enabler in the game. There have been several attempts to create other cards like this (Final Breeze, Lokis Insight, Dance of Spirits) but those cards are super powerful but not game defining cards, unlike this one. Being Law of Silence (CMF-071, VIN001-054) a Wind card is what makes it way better than the others, as it gives even more power to the wind decks that they already have. This is why Law of Silence (CMF-071, VIN001-054is banned.


Lykeion, the Magic Academy (EDL-062)

This addition is the most underrated card from EDL. In Wanderer, due to the large amount of zero cost cards, can be played on turn 1 using the Rune Deck and let its player play its whole deck for free (because almost every Wanderer legal competitive card costs 2 or less). We have banned almost every OP zero cost card, and this turning everything into a zero cost card makes us like it the same amount: zero. This is why Lykeion, the Magic Academy (EDL-062) is banned.


Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106)

When Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106) was printed, it changed the way to play the game. This card enabled wind decks to stop every play their opponent had starting on turn 1. The second part of the Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106) allows your opponent to play another threat for free, but the card they have attempted to play is no longer a threat that the wind player has to be aware of, making this card almost the best cancel spell ever printed. As we want the game to be diverse and we dont want non-restricted cost 1 cancel spells, Otherworld Dreams (ADK-106) is banned.


Severing Winds (ENW-063)

The power of Severing Winds (ENW-063) is absolute. This card cancels everything for free at any moment in any deck. When this card was in New Frontiers, every deck (even non-Wind decks) played a full playset of this card, because it is super strong and cost zero. This card changes the way of playing Force of Will. The players need to play super carefully against any other player that holds one or more cards in their hand because one of them can be Severing Winds (ENW-063). This card makes the game non-interactive, linear and hard to play for new players. Those are the reasons why Severing Winds (ENW-063 is banned.


Speaker of Eternal Night / Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights (TWS-109)

This is the best ruler ever printed. When she was in New Frontiers, Speaker of Eternal Night / Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights (TWS-109) occupied seven to eight top8 slots in any tournament, due its ability of making the whole deck quickcast speed, due its extra deck having all the sideboard cards on it (and looping them endlessly), due having the best judgment of the game (it creates a board state that is way favorable for the Scheherazade player)… All of this forced the addition of five different cards to the New Frontiers / cluster banned list in order to keep Speaker of Eternal Night / Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights (TWS-109) playable, but even then, it was the best ruler to play. As we believe that putting one card in the banned list is better than having ten different ones to make one playable, Speaker of Eternal Night / Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights (TWS-109) is banned.


Spinning Myths (RDE-031)

This is one card that on its own doesnt seem dangerous, but when paired with specific cards becomes super powerful. Spinning Myths saw play for the first time on a GP inside a Pricia Deck, dropping in turn two or three a huge 2000/2000 Izanagi, Keeper of the Seal with Flying and Swiftness.


Years after that, we saw Hanzo Myths become super popular, playing powerful cards like Forest Meditation, Sacred Elf and Spinning Myths inside its core. That combination, plus the ability of casting Explore the Unknown / Light of the Moon / Sandstorm for free from the Rune Deck turned Spinning Myths into the best Wind win condition ever printed, this time, dropping a huge Susanowo, the Ten-Fist Sword on turn 2 into the field plus getting a recovered stone to protect him. The combination of dealing damage, ramping a stone and leaving a huge Resonator in the field for the low cost of three is why Spinning Myths (RDE-031) is banned.


True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113)

Wind decks have a lot of tools, and True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113) is one of the best. This card stops aggro decks, kills every cost one or two resonators in the game, provides card advantage, and all costing one will of the most played attribute ever. This card even acts as a one will cancel spell, killing all the turn one resonators. This card can be even played from a Sacred Elf, putting the wind player in huge advantage. We want every archetype being playable in the format, and with True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113) aggro cant be played. These are the reasons why True Blade of Spirits (ADK-113) is banned.


Wall of Wind (TMS-064, WL005)

The power of the Wall of Wind has increased over the years. Instead of becoming an avoidable cancel, it has become the most versatile cancel in the game. It is good at the beginning of the game and during the heat of the match, stopping the opponent from using its resources, forcing him to keep one will open to avoid the Wall of Wind.


This card hits every single card in the game, unless Faerurs Spell does. We want aggro to become popular again, and with Wall of Wind being able to cancel the turn one, turn two and turn three of the aggro player with only one will, putting one player in a huge advantage and the other in a huge disadvantage, make us think that this card is unfun to play against, so we have decided that Wall of Wind (TMS-064, WL005) is banned.


Demonic Dead (ENW-074)

There are few infinite combos in Force of Will, and most of them require having multiple resonators entering the field the same turn. When Demonic Dead (ENW-074) was printed it made the graveyard decks the only decks that could be played. The ability of returning from the grave by paying no will was super powerful, and today, in combination with some of the new tools that darkness decks have (as Mikage Reiya) that ability would be even better. We dont want one card infinite combos, and Demonic Dead is part of some of them. These are the reasons why Demonic Dead (ENW-074) is banned.


Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079)

There is one thing that we like about the Force of Will: the combos. We like the idea of putting a bunch of cards together that makes a cool interaction that may or may not end the game. But they have to use a bunch of cards, never one-card-combos.


Invitation to Purgatory has proven that it can create powerful graveyard one-turn-kill combos. As it is a Chant/Rune, it is always available for the ten Divinity Rulers, and as it replaces the will needed to be played (you pay [D][D] and it generates [F][D]), there are some situations where with three will and one Book of Eibon or the newest Darksphere, Spirit of Dark Night, you can end the game with only one card in your hand (together with this card in the Rune Deck).


Since Invitation to Purgatory (DBV-079) creates a one card combo, it is banned


Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100)

What makes Sacrificial Altar so powerful, is its capability to put into the field any resonator at Quickcast speed. With this in mind you can build your deck with only one or two copies of certain resonators that you do not want to draw and put them into the field if you need them by banishing the Sacrificial Altar at any time. This, to name a few, makes Dark Alice, Rabbit Princess, Laurite, Seven Luminaries Astrologian, Academy Guard of Lykeion or Sigurd, the Covenant King, way more powerful than they should be.

When we think about Wanderer we think about a fun and diverse format. Sacrificial Altar is too versatile, too cheap and too good to let other decks or strategies to shine, and that is unfun. Because of that, Sacrificial Altar (AOA-100) is banned.


Athenia, Deity of Harvest and Corruption (DBV-092, WPR2019-002)

Athenia has been a double-edged sword ever since the day she was released. She is a good card to keep graveyard decks in check, but she is also the card that singlehandedly glues pieces of the graveyard decks together.

She costs less than her printed cost (due to cards like Command of life and Death, Sacrificial Altar, Power of Immortality, just to name a few), and she has seen play in tons of different decks and archetypes because of her recovering ability, which pushes Athenia way over the power of other three will cost cards. However, what Athenia does best is creating infinite loop combos, leading to extremely long solitaire plays and no interaction with the opponent.

Because of that, Athenia, Deity of Harvest and Corruption (DBV-092, WPR2019-002) is banned.


Kaguya, Sealed God of the Moon (DBV-095, V4-B2B, WPR2019-003)

In 2019, the final match of the World Tournament was a mirror match of two high-level Kaguya players. That led to an exciting but long, exhausting match that ended in turns. In that event and in almost every event since Worlds, Kaguya, Sealed God of the Moon has been the most played card, dominating New Valhalla Cluster and New Frontiers.


We love complicated high-level games, but we want people to enjoy casual Wanderer games too. As Kaguya creates a super powerful dominating deck around her that ramps, cancels and attacks super fast, we have decided to prevent this from happening and ban Kaguya, Sealed God of the Moon (DBV-095, V4-B2B, WPR2019-003).


Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082)

Weve seen this card break NF during the last 12 months, and after MSW this has become even more obvious. Sigurd has become better and better as more darkness additions have appeared in the game, which leads to powerful boardgame states in the early turns of the game. Right now this has been proved: first was Altar, then was Schrödinger, the last one Magic Stone Institute. Sigurd is limiting the design space due its powerful enter ability and synergies. This is why Sigurd, the Covenant King (AO3-082) is banned.

Origin Restriction List

       Horn of Sacred Beasts (SKL-099,World2017-003)

       Whisper from the Abyss (TAT-090)

       The Cheshire Cat's Assistance (ENW-049)

       Planting Beans (LEL-031)

All Formats Sideboard Banned List

       Speaker of Eternal Night/ Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights (TSW-109/TSW-109J)