Purpose of changing card frame and text notation

Six years have passed since the Japanese trading card game Force of Will (FoW) was released in the United States in 2014. Once we revamped the card frame from LAPIS cluster, we still had some problems during the long period of 6 years.

This time, we have significantly changed the card frame and text expression so that FoW can be played more modernly, freshly and intuitively. This will have a positive impact on FOW as it continues.

Also, this new design is adapted from Prologue of Attoractia, Alice Origin 4th Booster (AO4), 

but you can check it on the teaching deck ahead of time.


We plan to update some of the comprehensive rules in line with the changes in the card frame and text expressions. Please wait for further information.


Then, I will introduce the changes while referring to the teaching deck cards!


Resonator, Chant, Token

Until now, the attributes of a card were written in the upper right corner of the text that describes the ability, but from now on, the will symbol included in the play cost will be the attribute of that card.


For example, if the play cost is [W][R][1], the card will have two attributes, light and flame. This will allow you to more intuitively determine the card attributes.

Furthermore, it is easier to understand by expressing the color of the card frame with a color that matches the attributes of the card. Also, the placement of the play cost, will symbol, will be arranged in a counterclockwise order like Dextia, the Masquerade so that it will make a round.


As always, cards with [Quickcast] are marked with special marks for clarity. This mark also has a simple shape that matches the design of the card frame.


Basic Magic Stone

The basic magic stone will no longer show the text of the ability. However, Will can be created by resting the card even if there is no sentence.

To make the FOW card illustration more prominent, by making the will icon larger and simpler, it became easier to intuitively determine which basic magic stone is.


Ruler / J-Ruler

Basically, it is almost the same as the contents explained at above Resonator, Chant, and Addition.

The attributes of Ruler/J-Ruler are written in the lower right corner of the card name.