New Frontiers Ban List Update December 25th

Griphon, Racing Across Darkness , Pricia, True Beastmaster // Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia , and Captain Hook, the Pirate are all Banned in the New Frontiers format.

We will be doing Wanderer playtesting as well and make Wanderer a great format in the coming months as well!

From now on, we will announce ban lists when Prereleases happen! Even if there is no changes! We will talk more about this change next year, but keeping a closer eye on things will go a long way in keeping the game healthier. Here is our first explanation of a change being made. I hope you will find this information useful going forward.


Griphon, Racing Across Darkness - With a multitude of powerful cards in green and black, tutors, and nearly all cards using activated abilities rather than cast effects, there is very little ways to interact profitably with Lilias Petal’s Judgemented Nine Tailed Fox. While the concept of the deck is very fun, a monster that is a large flying threat, that ends games, on top of ramping the user ahead two stones, allowing for potentially multiple follow up Chimera’s with no cost outside of 500 life (400, if we could the life killing stone gains!) makes Fox a nearly impossible deck to race with all the value it can produce! That doesn’t include the quickcast speed discard and Lifegain/Destruction the other two Chimera’s provide the deck. Gryphon was chosen to be banned due to the excessive ramp it causes, pushing the Fox player far ahead, while also giving them additional resources and a large flying threat. We feel that with the addition of the Lilas Petal resonator, the deck more adequately fulfills the role we envision for the Ruler.

Pricia, True Beastmaster // Reincarnated Maiden of Flame, Pricia -  An incredibly powerful aggressive ruler with all the makings of a champion. However, her ability to once again ramp Will with her effective “stone cycling”, in combination with the ability to share Swiftness and Flying with otherwise strong resonators AND a J-Ruler side that can easily kill players even in the early turns of the game creates a J/Ruler that is just too strong for the New Frontiers format. Many of the cards in Pricia have found effective homes in similar aggressive decks, but without game breaking addition of powerful resonators like Mariabella having flying and swiftness, their power is more in line with the rest of the format.

Captain Hook, the Pirate - One of the most popular cards from the first Lapis set, Curse of the Frozen Casket. At the time, this card was considered necessary to deal with many of the 5 color decks in the format and the incredible speed of the Alice Cluster format. However, with the introduction of Lumia, and the speed at which this card could be ramped into, it became a real threat. With the introduction of a ban list into Europe’s tournaments, Hook was banned to prevent the format from falling into a Lumia format. To keep the world in sync, for this one time, we will also ban Hook to ensure that the world is on the same page. Going forward we will however be using our own tracking data to determine when bans need to occur and which cards are deserving. Becoming “Hook Locked” essentially made the opposing player unable to play any spells after only 1 or 2 turns. Force of Will’s New Frontiers format should be about having fun, and enjoying the experience. New players being stuck forever at 1 stone while being pummeled by a 1000/1000 resonator were not having fun, and thus the combination of the EU list in tandem with the “Hook Lock” leads us to ban Captain Hook, the Pirate.