How to participate in Pre-release November 13th

What is a pre-release event?

It is a special event where you can play with the new cards a full week before the new set is released! 

The cards come in a special “pre-release kit”! 

You can get limited PR cards and playmats by participating in the event! 

Please contact your local game store to find out when they are hosting pre-release events and how to participate!


How to Play① ※Official Recommendation

Pre-release events are played using Sealed Format, first to 2 wins!

In Sealed Format, you build a deck and compete using unopened packs.

Each pack contains 10 cards, of which 2 cards are basic magic stones and collection cards.

The Official recommendation is to use 6 packs for each player in the event

Regardless if you are a seasoned Force of Will player, or just getting started, 

anyone can jump in and participate in the event with ease! 


How to Play② ※Official Recommendation

Let’s build the deck after you purchased packs


Here are the deck building rules for Sealed Format

-      Main Deck consists of 25 or more cards

-      Magic Stone Deck consists of 8 or more cards

-      You can put any number of cards with the same name in the deck

-      You can choose any Basic Magic Stones, even if you did not get enough in your packs (your store may have a supply of basic magic stones to use)

-      You can utilize the Basic Ruler card for your Ruler during the game

-      All cards not used in Main Deck will be Sideboard cards

-      Changing your Main Deck after Sideboarding is OK!

※ But main deck should be more than 25 cards 


The rest of the event regulations should follow FOW’s floor rules

Before the event starts, let's check how to play the game in advance

Basic Ruler

The Basic Ruler card is a Ruler card that can be used in pre-release events


When playing FOW outside of a pre-release event, you can play with the PR card included in the pre-release kit, or the Ruler cards enclosed in the pack, or the Ruler cards that you can get by purchasing the starter. However, in pre-release events, players are not always able to get Ruler cards from the packs they receive.


Therefore, the Basic Ruler card can be used instead!

Basic Ruler cards have no attribute and can be used in any deck.