A Changing Wind

As Force of Will continues to grow and expand we want to remember to take care of those closest to us. As we started this year, we have made many efforts to bridge the communication gap we once felt between the western world and Japan. Another of our commitments was about restoring the bond between Force of Will and local game shops.

Over the past 9 months we have visited various local game shops all over the world and we have seen where people play Force of Will on a weekly basis. While we have wonderful events all over Europe, some game shops in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and even here in Japan were not always getting the support they needed. We’ve heard many stories about stores not receiving their Ruler League or Wanderer League promos, or other shops who received far more than any shop could ever realistically use. So going forward, we are making a change to our distribution system to ensure that local game shops and the players that play there are the ones reaping the rewards. 

While this transition might take some time to come into full effect, the basics of the transition are as follows.

Affected Area: North America
Local Game Shops will now report official events (Ruler League, Wanderer League, etc) using our software. Game shops should have received access to when they began selling Force of Will product. Users will sign up for events using their Will Power App ID number. 

(If you’re shop does NOT have access to TCG - Meister, please visit : http://www.fowtcg.com/news/official-tournament-software)

Shops that are reporting official events and are being held at a physical location will then email


After confirming that the retailer is infact a physical location holding events, Force of Will Co. will be directly sending LGS’s their monthly Ruler League and Wanderer League promotional cards. 

We see this as a way for us to make sure that those people who are supporting the game on a local level are being supported and having the experience they deserve. While we expect this might cause some small disruption for a few stores, in which everything was working fine, we assume players and shop owners alike, who advocate for the game can make this change known to their LGS. We will also be informing distributors of this change as well, with the hopes of them sharing this change with LGS owners. This change will not take long to incorporate and will deeply incentivize players to visit shops who are willing to report their events to FoW Co. Finally, this change serves another purpose as well.

World Grand Prix Qualifiers

Affected Area: North America, South America, Unsupported Distributor Areas
Many players from remote regions have asked if it was possible to hold higher level competitive events in their regions. In the past, we have not had the infrastructure to accommodate events outside of our major retail regions. We are slowly changing that. 

First, for North America, we will be propositioning large shops around the US, Canada, and Mexico for retailer held, FoW Co. supported events. (This includes prizing similar to that of a GP, depending on attendance.) Our goal is to have eight World Grand Prix Qualifiers within the United States, alongside two company run Grand Prix. This would allow each region of the States to have multiple events, and ensure that there is ALWAYS a big event not to far off in the future. The list of shops that we will pull from will first and foremost be those who are reporting using our TCG-M software. We will then access where the largest player bases are and reach out accordingly with other eager TO’s and Shop TO’s. 

The company would provide Judges, Prizing, and other important features necessary for holding an event. Should we feel the event will be large enough we will consider sending the necessary people to provide Live Streaming and commentary. All communications regarding the application of WGPQ’s for the US/CAN/MEX can be directed to  FoWRob@gmail.com

For South America and currently unsupported regions, WGPQ’s will function very similarly, with prizing being commensurate with attendance and product allotment. Shops will also be vetted and confirmed as per any other LGS. One big change would be communication going through the HQ in Japan. 

In Closing
As a company we live or die by our ability to communicate and adapt. This most recent change is something that we hope most will see the benefit in. We want to develop our infrastructure so that those willing to play our game and support our game are getting the rewards they deserve. While it does take slightly more time to report tournaments, we hope that by incentivizing players and retailers with no more missed promotional cards, our local scenes can blossom. In addition, that path will allow shops to grow their community even further with the WGPQ concept and let your own LGS open its doors to the world. The winds of change are upon us, hang on to your seat!