Tag Rulers Release Notes

When you are constructing your decks, the choice of your ruler plays a major role in your selection of cards. Previously, when you wish to have more flexibility, you might put a different ruler in your sideboard to surprise your opponents in game two. Maybe what you really need is a pair of rulers with a penchant of working together. Introducing our latest keyword, [Tag].


*Insert [Tag] Ruler Card1


Each ruler with [Tag] suggests a particular style and attribute of deck for you to build, so mixing and matching can possibly yield some fantastic brew! What does it mean to have two rulers? You’ll be surprised to find out! So far, you have only seen one ruler with [Tag], let me show you another.


*Insert [Tag] Ruler Card2


You can start the game with two rulers with [Tag] only if both have [Tag] of the same Race. You choose one of them to rest when calling stones in your turn, leaving the other for activation of abilities or fulfil certain requirements when playing other cards! 


However, this does not mean you can call for 2 magic stones in a turn. You can still only call a magic stone once per turn as per the rules. However, as the requirements of calling a stone are that you have not called a magic stone and have not performed a judgment process this turn, you can call a magic stone first with one ruler, and perform judgment on the other in the same turn! Do take note of the order, as you can no longer call a magic stone if you perform judgment, even if your other ruler is ready.


If any card refers to your J/ruler, it means either of the two. So for cards like EDL-023 Claw of the Dragonoid, if you control both J-Rulers in the field, you get to choose which J-Ruler the card will affect when the card resolves, but not both. Any effects that check if you control a J-Ruler will be fulfilled if you control one or both J-Rulers. Cards like SDA02-033 Attoractia’s Memoria that refer to your J/ruler’s attributes will refer to both J/rulers’ attributes .


I guess you must be very excited to see what other cards will there be in The Magic Stone War – Zero, but before we start our previews, let me sneak you an additional piece of information. We have bribed our colleagues in the printing department, and they have agreed to put not one, but TWO rulers in every booster box of The Magic Stone War – Zero!!


Stay tuned and look forward to seeing what other goodies we have in store for you!!