Announcement about wanderer

Through feedback from players, we understand that many of you are playing the Wanderer format, but have been disappointed for the lack of official Wanderer tournaments. Therefore, we have been secretly monitoring the Wanderer scene and will be updating the Wanderer ban list accordingly. However, this takes time and we hope you can be patient with us and rest assured that the company is supporting the Wanderer format.

As a motion to kick start the players’ interest in Wanderer, we have decided to increase the Promo cards for the Wanderer League, and we will continue to monitor the Wanderer format to include Promo cards of the popular cards that many players are using, so that everyone will have easy access to them!

Sharing another piece of good news, we will be increasing the number of official Wanderer tournaments, so you will be able to see future GPs with Wanderer formats. (Sharing another piece of info that I shouldn’t be sharing, we might even see Wanderer formats in the WGP!!)

As there are numerous cards that can be used in Wanderer, we will take some time before publishing the updated Wanderer Ban List, and we will be committed to continue to update it with the release of future sets, so look forward to it!