Will Power System Rewards Application and Top 500 Exclusive Card

Greetings, rulers! Application for your Will Power System rewards for the 2016-2017 season will begin on September 1st, and end on September 10th. When it does begin, please check the "Events" tab on your Will Power System application to find the form. Please remember that once you send your application you cannot change the information. Make sure that your full physical mailing address has been entered with no errors including your name, apartment/house number, PO Box (if you have one), street, city, region/state, country, and postal code. Force of Will is not responsible for any packages lost or unable to deliver due to incorrect or incompleted application forms. 

Reward for top 500 scoring players. Players among the top 500 will point scores will receive a unique copy of the exclusive uber print of Gill Alhama'at. Each copy will display that player's personal standing in the 2016-2017 Will Power Season, as demonstrated by the dummy text No.000 on the card image below.