Privacy Policy


EYE SPY PRODUCTIONS PTE. LTD (hereafter referred to as “our company”) operates a service (hereafter referred to as “our service”) using the following Privacy Policy to handle the personal information of all users of our service (hereafter referred to as “users”) in order to respect the privacy of our users.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information refers to any information relating to the individual that the user provides through our service, including, but not limited to, their name, date of birth, or other personally identifiable information (this includes information that could be easily compared with other information to identify a specific individual).

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Our company uses personal information for the following purposes:
・To provide our service and information related to our service without interruption
・To confirm the identity of our registered users
・To send notifications related to the operation of our service (includes e-mails)
・To advertise and notify users about products offered by our company and third parties (includes e-mails)
・To identify individuals who have violated the law, their contract with our company, or our terms of service and deny them access to our service
・To allow users to view, modify, or delete their registered information and view or update their usage
・To collect and analyze personal information to be presented as statistical materials for marketing purposes and to improve the quality of our service (the information contained in statistical materials is handled in such a way that it is not personally identifiable and may be used when developing new services)
・To distribute targeted advertisements based on the users' actions, sex, or access history
・To respond to user questions and concerns
・For any other purposes related to the aforementioned purposes

Third Parties

・Excluding the following situations, our company will not disclose or offer personal information to third parties without the consent of the user.

Cases based on laws and regulations

To protect and preserve the life, physical well-being, or property of an individual, and there are difficulties acquiring the consent of the user To improve public health and promote the sound development of young people, and there are difficulties acquiring the consent of the user When our company's cooperation with a federal agency or local public entity or an authorized representative is required to assist them in upholding the law, and acquiring the consent of the user would inhibit their ability to do so When the user consents to our terms of service, and said terms of service allow the disclosure of personal information to a third party

Our company does its best to securely manage the personal information of our users to prevent leaks of personal information and harm to our users by supervising all personal information. At our company, only authorized individuals are allowed to handle personal information as they deem necessary. When personal information is disclosed to outside entities, the information is given once they have entered a non-disclosure agreement. Management of Personal Information by Other Services

Our company is not responsible for the use of personal information independently collected by third party sites and services accessed through our service or websites accessed through links founds through our service. Our company is not responsible for the independent regulations or actions of said companies or websites. Please check the privacy policies of any and all websites you visit.


Our services utilizes a technology known as cookies.
Cookies are files with a small amount of data that temporarily save certain text information to the devices used by our customers, and this data is used to identify individual users each time they connect to the service.
Because the information contained in cookies alone is not sufficient to identify an individual, we do not consider these personal information. However, when they are used in conjunction with other personal information to identify a specific individual, we consider cookies to be personal information.
Because utilizing the service offered by our company requires the use of cookies, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use some portions of our service.
Customers may choose whether or not to accept cookies in their browser settings. Please check your settings if necessary.
Additionally, in order to measure the advertisement views, cookies may be sent through a third party's advertisement system.
Collection and Use of Activity History and Personal Attribute Information In order to tailor our service and advertisements to our users, our company may acquire and use information non-personally identifiable information such as the following.
Additionally, for similar purposes, we sometimes disclose this information to advertisers, information providers, and service providers.