An official event of Force of Will applies one of the following regulations that the Event Organizer chooses. Players must abide by that regulation in the event.

For details, see also the floor rule.


Formats are rules that dictate how a deck must be constructed in events. Events of Force of Will are one of two types: Constructed or Limited.

Constructed Formats

Constructed formats require players to bring decks, and starting cards (and a sideboard if the event allows) that follow all constructing deck rules.


Wanderer is the current format of Force of Will.

In Wanderer, all cards from the Grimm cluster onwards are permitted. However, certain cards may be banned or combination banned in this format.

l  Banned:
Players may not use any copies of banned cards.

l  Combination Banned:
Players may not use copies of each combination banned pair (specific pairs of cards) simultaneously between their decks, starting cards, and sideboard.

Banned and Combination Banned Cards of Wanderer are listed in the following link;

New Frontiers

Players may use only cards from the last two clusters released. This format is based on cluster rotation which happens as soon as the first set of a new cluster is released.


Players may use only cards from a specific cluster that an Event Organizer chose.


Players may use cards from all released sets and non-sets to build their decks. Origin format may be played in two different modes:

1.      Valhalla: A format with Lifebreak.

2.      Bifrost: A format without Lifebreak.

Arcana Battle Colosseum (ABC)

Arcana Battle Colosseum is a format for two or more players.

In Arcana Battle Colosseum, all cards from the Grimm cluster onwards are permitted. However, certain cards may be banned in this format.

l  Banned:
Players may not use any copies of banned cards.

For details of this format and Banned cards, see also;

Limited Format

Limited Format is events where players construct their decks, starting cards, and sideboard with the cards from unopened booster packs and cards provided by Event Organizers in the event.

Limited formats differ from the normal deck constructing rules and the required number of cards. In Sealed or Draft formats, each player must use cards with the following rules;

l  Main deck: 20 or more cards

l  Magic stone deck: 8 or more cards

l  Starting cards: 1 or more basic rulers

Players may have more than four copies of a card with the same name in their decks.


The sealed is a limited format in which players construct decks with the cards in the booster packs they gain in an event.

Each player receives a predetermined number of unopened booster packs.

Each player then opens their given packs and constructs decks with the cards in those packs and any other cards provided by the Event Organizer.


The draft is a limited format in which players are divided into groups and construct decks with the cards in each player picked from the booster packs the group gains in an event.

Divide players into groups of 4-8, called pods. Each pod sits in a circle around a table. Then each player receives a set number of unopened booster packs.

Then, repeat the following process until all packs in the draft are opened.

1.      Each player opens only one pack they are given. If a player opens the pack containing a ruler with a J-ruler side or other double-sided card, they must reveal that card to all players in the pod.

2.      Each player picks a card from the packs they’ve opened and puts it face down in front of themselves. They then pass the remaining cards from the pack to the player to their left in the circle. They then receive the cards passed from the player to their right in the circle, pick and put a card from them face down similarly, and pass the remaining cards to the player to their left. Repeat these processes until no cards remain to be passed to players.

When passing cards to the next player, pods should alternate. They should pass to the left for the entirety of the first booster pack, as detailed above. For the second, fourth, sixth, etc., pass to the opposite (right) direction instead.

When all packs have been opened and no cards remain to be passed around, each player constructs decks with the cards put in front of themselves and any other cards provided by the Event Organizer.

Cluster Division

Masterpiece Collection (sets not included in any cluster)


1.      MP01: MASTERPIECE 01 “Pilgrim-Memories”

Trinity Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      TSD1: Lehen Deck

2.      TSD2: Yokoshima Deck


1.      TTT: Thoth of the Trinity

2.      TSR: The Battle at the Sacred Ruins

Hero Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      HSD: Hero Cluster Aristella Starter Deck

2.      HSD: Hero Cluster Asuka Starter Deck


2.      NEW: A New World Emerges…

3.      TUS: The Underworld of Secrets

4.      TWS: the War of the Suns

5.      CMB: Crimson Moon’s Battleground

6.      CST: Clash of the Star Trees

7.      JRP: Judgment of the Rogue Planet

Duel Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      DSD: Duel Cluster Tales Starter Deck

2.      DSD: Duel Cluster Villains Starter Deck


1.      GOG: Game of Gods

2.      GRL: Game of Gods Reloaded

3.      GRV: Game of Gods Revolution

Saga Cluster


1.      EDL: The Epic of the Dragon Lord

2.      MSW: The Magic Stone War – Zero

3.      ROL: Rebirth of Legend

4.      ADW: Assault into the Demonic World

5.      TST: The Seventh

Alice Origin Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      SDA01: Alice Origin Faria Starter Deck

2.      SDA01: Alice Origin Melgis Starter Deck

3.      SDA02: Alice Origin Valentina Starter Deck

4.      SDA02: Alice Origin Pricia Starter Deck

5.      GITS2045SD: Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Starter Deck


1.      AO1: Alice Origin

2.      AO2: Alice Origin

3.      AO3: Alice Origin

4.      PofA: Prologue of Attoractia

5.      GITS2045: Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045

New Valhalla Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      SDV1: New Valhalla Entry Set [Light]

2.      SDV2: New Valhalla Entry Set [Fire]

3.      SDV3: New Valhalla Entry Set [Water]

4.      SDV4: New Valhalla Entry Set [Wind]

5.      SDV5: New Valhalla Entry Set [Darkness]


1.      NDR: New Dawn Rises

2.      SNV: The Strangers of New Valhalla

3.      AOA: Awakening of the Ancients

4.      DBV: The Decisive Battle of Valhalla

Reiya Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      SDR1: King of the Mountain

2.      SDR2: Blood of the Dragons

3.      SDR3: Below the Waves

4.      SDR4: Elemental Surge

5.      SDR5: Children of the Night

6.      SDR6: The Lost Tomes


1.      ACN: Ancients Nights

2.      ADK: Advent of the Demon King

3.      TSW: The Time Spinning Witch

4.      WOM: Winds of the Ominous Moon

Lapis Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      SDL1: Fairy Tale Force

2.      SDL2: Rage of R’lyeh

3.      SDL3: Malefic Ice

4.      SDL4: Swarming Elves

5.      SDL5: Vampiric Hunger


1.      CFC: Curse of the Frozen Casket

2.      LEL: Legacy Lost

3.      RDE: Return of the Dragon Emperor

4.      EBW: Echoes of the New World

5.      VIN003: Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars

Alice Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      VS01: Faria, the Sacred Queen and Melgis, the Flame King


1.      SKL: The Seven Kings of the Lands

2.      TTW: The Twilight Wanderer

3.      TMS: The Moonlit Savior

4.      BFA: Battle for Attoractia

5.      VIN001: Vingolf 02: Valkyria Chronicles

Grimm Cluster


1.      CMF: Crimson Moon’s Fairy Tale

2.      TAT: The Castle of Heaven and The Two Towers

3.      MPR: The Moon Priestess Returns

4.      MOA: The Millennia of Ages

5.      VIN-001: Vingolf 01: Engage Knights

Valhalla Cluster

Starter Decks:

1.      S: Knights of the Round Table

2.      S: Wolves of the Raging Flames

3.      S: Royal Palace of the Roaring Seas

4.      S: Magic Circle of the Hurricane

5.      S: Jet Black Phantom


1.      1: The Dawn of Valhalla

2.      2: The War of Valhalla

3.      3: The Shaft of Light of Valhalla