Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles ~ Preview 8

Greetings, rulers! Valkyria Chronicles previews continue with our eight set of cards! Today we’ll be focusing on more water attribute cards.

Cordelia can bounce back resonators to their owner’s hand, while Maurits will protect her from your opponent’s spells and abilities. He even soaks up damage that would be dealt to her as well!

Largo beefs himself up when he attacks for each Squad 7 resonator you control, easily turning him into a tough fellow. Kreis will replace himself in your hand when he enters your field. Making him a good play down, banish target for Adombrali.

Faldio becomes incredibly cost efficient once you drop a regalia, gaining an extra 300 ATK and DEF, exceeding the usual power bracket for his cost. Eleanor is a bit pricey but she’ll let you drop down another Squad 7 resonator with total cost three or less for free, allowing you to easily gain some field presence with her.

Sniping From the Blind Spot will bounce a resonator back to the hand at instant speed, for only one will and Momentary Respite will incapacitate two resonators your opponent controls for two turns.
Check back on Friday for more Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles preview articles! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles, in stores July 29th!

Vingolf Series 「Valkyria Chronicles」