Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles ~ Preview 10

Greetings, rulers! Valkyria Chronicles previews conclude with our tenth set of cards! Today we’ll be focusing on more darkness attribute cards.

Audrey will gain an extra 200 ATK and DEF as long as you control another Gallian Army, and GIlbert will boost up all other Gallian Armies you control by 200 ATK and DEF.

Lydia starts off strong but enters rested if you don’t control another Calamity Raven card. Dirk is a standard vanilla type.

Baldren can sap your opponent of life whenever he enters the field, while Dahau will let you salvage a card in your graveyard when he enters.

Zig will get a an extra 400 ATK as long as you control Dahau turning him into a 700/700, fairly powerful for a total cost two resonator. Schemes of the Empire will let you look at an opponent’s hand and force them to discard a card of your choosing.
Don’t forget to look for Vingolf 2: Valkyria Chronicles, in stores July 29th!

Vingolf Series 「Valkyria Chronicles」