Return of the Dragon Emperor ~ Preview 1 ~ Kaguya's Sorrow

Greetings, rulers! Welcome to the first preview article for the upcoming Lapis Cluster booster pack, Return of the Dragon Emperor. Unlike with the Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars preview articles, we're going to be looking at two sets of cards from Return of the Dragon Emperor every week; once on Monday at 8PM EST/5PM PST and again on Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST. We've got all manner of new and exciting card's to look at, so let's start off with what everyone definitely wants to see.

A heart-wrenching image of Kaguya sobbing. Oh, is that not what you wanted to see? We'll it's what we're going to be looking at anyway. Yes, as many surmised, Kaguya is a ruler again in this set (similar to how she was a ruler in the third Alice cluster booster set). Being dual attribute, with both water and wind she's got an Energize ability that reflects that, much like the dual attribute J/rulers back in Legacy Lost. She's also got a Judgment cost of zero, something we don't see all too often. However, it's got a bit of a hang up to it. In order to actually use Kaguya's Judgment, you'll have to have put a Treasury Item into your field this turn. We haven't seen the sub-type "Treasury Item" in a good long while, and most of them rotated out of the New Frontiers format with the Grimm cluster, but fear not, as there are plenty of new ones (we'll even be looking at a few of them today!). Aside from Judgment and Energize, Kaguya's only real defining ability, on her ruler side anyway, is a zero cost activated ability. When you play it, you'll be able to reveal the top card of your deck, if it happens to be a Treasury Item, you can add the card to your hand for free! And considering how many Treasury Items you are likely to be using with Kaguya there's a good chance that this ability can snag you an extra card during each of your turns! Take note though that this ability can only be played once per turn and only during your turn. So once you've played a Treasury Item you can use Kaguya's total cost zero Judgment and she becomes...

A lot older. Seems that Kaguya's sadness has some how reawakened the memories of her previous lives, and boy does she have the abilities to prove it. Sporting no ATK and DEF, making her the same as a J-ruler like The Nine-Tailed Fox, this card cannot battle (well, not yet.). Kaguya Millennium Princess sports a number of abilities depending on how many Treasury Items you control. The first is one of the most valuable, as long as you control three or more Treasury Items, Kaguya gains barrier, protecting her from any trickery your opponent might try (I'm lookin' at you, Black Moonbeam) to destroy her. The rest of her abilities require resting Treasury Items. You can rest one to sap a J/resonator of 200 ATK, rest two to produce either a water or a wind will, rest three to draw a card, rest four to bounce a resonator back to its owner's hand, or rest five to transform Kaguya into a [1500/1500] with [Flying] until the end of the turn. Kaguya is basically a swiss army knife of helpful effects for nearly any situation. Of course you'll need plenty of Treasury Items to do it, but as we'll soon see, that shouldn't be too difficult.

And of course what would a dual attribute J/ruler be without their very own signature dual attribute producing special magic stone. Like the special magic stones back in Legacy Lost, this card will force you to either pay 300 life or put the card into your field rested if you don't have "Kaguya, Tears of the Moon" or "Kaguya, Millennium Princess" as your J/ruler. The card counts as both a wind and water magic stone, handy for cards with the new Resonance keyword. The stone also has an interesting little automatic ability. When it enters your field you'll be able to look at the top two cards of your deck and put them back on the top of your deck in any order. Nothing amazing, but it synergizes well with Kaguya's ruler side activated ability and non-Kaguya decks using the card will still enjoy being able to influence their draw, if only a little.

We aren't looking at too many resonators today, but let's start off with an interesting one. Glistening Chick isn't all that remarkable. A 500/500 with [Flying] for a total cost of two is pretty standard. However, take note that the card counts as a Treasury Item, meaning we can even play resonators and help build up our resources for using Kaguya's J-ruler side. Even better the card has an automatic ability that states whenever it's rested, you rest a target resonator. Under normal circumstances this would only happen when you attack or block with Glistening Chick. However, if you're using Kaguya as your J-ruler, you can rest this resonator as part of the cost for one of her many effects and then rest one of your opponent's resonators to boot!

Oh boy here we go. Water Kimono of Twelve Parts is a very unique addition. It too, like Glistening Chick, is a Treasury Item so it can be used for Kaguya's abilities. The card's low total cost of one water will certainly helps that. But this card is so much more, rulers. First take note that you may have up to twelve copies of this addition in your deck. A bit odd, no? Well just give it a moment. The addition can be bestowed for no cost other than resting the addition, hardly much of a cost, though it would keep you from resting the card to pay the cost of one of Kaguya's J-ruler side abilities. Once bestowed, the addition grants the bestowed resonator +100/+100 for every Water Kimono of Twelve Parts bestowed to that resonator, and before you ask, yes, it stacks. So if you had two copies of this addition bestowed to the same resonator it'd gain +200/+200 from each for a total of +400/+400. It doesn't take much imagination to see that this addition can easily power up a resonator to some staggering levels of power. But wait, that's not all! If you manage to bestow all twelve copies of Water Kimono of Twelve Parts to a resonator you instantly win the game. Yes, that's right. This card is an alternate win condition. Now, of course, it would be rather foolish to have your entire deck strategy hinge only upon achieving victory this way, but that's what Kaguya is for. She's provides a way to win should the kimonos fail as she can easily become a powerful 1500/1500 brute with [Flying] and [Barrier] to beat down your opponent.

The only other resonator today is a Super Rare Wererabbit. Mystia, Manager of the Treasury is a total cost three with 500 ATK and DEF. For her cost, those are some pretty disappointing stats, but of course her real strength is her ability, and for Kaguya, there's no ability more valuable! When she enters the field, Mystia lets you search your deck for any Treasury Item and put it into your hand! While Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly can nab cards too, this is a way to get any Treasury Item while also putting (an admittedly weak) body onto the field. To give her even more of an edge, when Mystia is put into a graveyard from your field you can put a Treasury Item with total cost three or less from your hand right into your field! Obviously not a great help in most decks, but in Treasury Item based decks, she's some great value, essentially a search and free play for three will with a 500/500 vanilla resonator somewhere between the two effects. Just be careful that Mystia isn't removed from game by your opponent or her second ability won't trigger!

While Kaguya can still win even if some of your Water Kimonos happen to get destroyed, that doesn't mean we should have to give up on the Kimono win condition either, right? Well that's where Miracle Millennia Medicine comes in! This total cost one addition (that is also a Treasury Item so abuse it with Kaguya to your heart's content) can be banished to return up to three cards in any one graveyard to their owner's graveyard. Take note that it's not just your own graveyard, you could target your opponent's as well, in case they ever try some shenanigans with the graveyard like playing a resonator with Dance of the Shadows or trying to play something with Remnant.

Last for today is another addition that counts as both a Moon and a Treasury Item. The First Moon is a total cost one card that prevents all your other additions from being destroyed. Essential for protecting your Water Kimono additions and useful for Kaguya even if you aren't using that win condition. Whenever The First Moon becomes rested you'll be able to sap a resonator of 200 ATK for the turn, and by now you should know it's rather easy to rest this addition with Kaguya's J-ruler abilities, so we can make full use of this helpful effect. Clearly -200 ATK is not quite as handy as Glistening Chick's ability to rest a resonator, but The First Moon also grants protection for all your other additions and additions are just naturally a bit harder to take out than resonators so it balances out.

That's all for today, but the Return of the Dragon Emperor previews will continue every Monday and Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don't forget to look for Return of the Dragon Emperor in stores, March 10th, 2017!

3rd Set「Return of the Dragon Emperor」