Vingolf 3 ~ Ruler All Stars ~ Preview 4 ~ The Grimm Cluster

Salutations once again, rulers of the world! Time for the penultimate Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars preview article. If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re looking at resonators who were first featured in the Grimm cluster, which hold some of the community’s most beloved characters. Now, are you psyched? ‘Cause I’m psyched. Are you psyched? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Hey it’s young Grimm! And he’s rocking a sweet mask and some kind of weird horn things! As you might surmise, Grimm supports Fairy Tale cards, as he always has. In fact, Fairy Tale players will be pleasantly surprised to see that Vingolf 3 holds quite a bit of support for them. As long as Grimm, the Legendary King of Fairy Tales is in your field, every resonator you control and own, including ones in your deck, gain the Fairy Tale race. This means that with this fellow on the field, ever resonator is playable with Light will, if you’re using Millium, and any chant that affects a Fairy Tale now affects any and every type of resonator. It also means that you can swarm the field with tokens, and transform them all into Fairy Tales via this resonator to power up Tinkerbell to incredible strengths! Of course, Grimm is a resonator, and that makes him somewhat fragile, but that serves to keep the card’s utility in check. This resonator, and it’s relatively low cost and high strength, make it a great search target for Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly, increasing its consistency. Merely by the fact that this card’s effect allows any card to be playable with Millium already opens up a world of possibilities, but Grimm’s got another ability as well. This one will only be active as long as Millium is your J/ruler, but given the nature of this card that is likely to be your J/ruler choice anyway. Whenever Grimm attacks or blocks you’ll be able to Force 1 and increase Grimm’s ATK and DEF by X00/X00, where X is the result of the roll. Obviously nothing legendary, but it only serves to tip Grimm beyond the scope of most any total cost three resonator. 800 ATK and DEF is already high, and force assures that he will always be at least at 900 ATK and DEF whenever you attack, putting him into the power ranks of total cost four resonators.

To anyone who played Lumia, the Creator of Hope, this card’s effect is going to seem very familiar. When Lumia, Saint of Creation enters the field, she’ll let you remove the top card of your deck from the game face down. You can look at that card at any time, and you may play it as you would play a card in your hand (You’ve still got to pay its cost.) To sweeten the deal, if your J/ruler has “Lumia” in its name, this card will remove the top three cards from the top of your deck instead, essentially granting you three cards in your pseudo-hand instead of one, a much greater value. Considering that modern Lumia decks focus on setting up combo Hook type situations this card can prove of value in increasing consistency, allowing you to dig through your deck to get Captain Hook faster. Ascended Alisaris decks may be interested as well, as the card can help them add to their removed area, while also getting a cheap resonator that can block against turn two 600/600 aggressors and actually survive.

Oh boy, we haven’t seen these two in a while. Bahamut is back and so is Incarnation, an ability we haven’t seen on a card since Adombrali. Now, you could play this card for its natural total cost of six, but playing the card via its Incarnation cost of banishing three fire resonators seems much more enticing. Especially when you consider that banishing Rukh Egg, triggers that card’s effect. Once on the field, Bahamut is ready to do some damage with 1000 ATK and DEF, and Flying. This is going to force your opponent to either immediately deal with it or suffer some game losing level damage in their face. Bahamut is also packing an upon entry ability. Once this mighty dragon hits the field, the card deals 700 damage to a player or a J/resonator. Perfect for picking something off, setting up Demonflame for anything that is too strong to be picked off, and the card provides a way to burn your opponent for lethal damage when you can’t seem to draw a Lightning Strike.
And speaking of burn damage, hello Cain! Cain is pretty simple, and pretty much exactly what a burn deck wants in a turn one resonator. The card sports zero ATK, but that’s alright because it can be rested to deal 200 damage to your opponent. Not a lot of damage, but in burn decks, every bit adds up and being able to drop this first turn and keep poking at your opponent’s life with it can prove very valuable. The card only has 400 DEF, making it vulnerable to Lightning Strike and Demonflame, but getting your opponent to blow a Lightning Strike or Demonflame on this card means its a card they can’t use to damage you or destroy one of your bigger resonators later on. Now if only we had a way to get an endless recovery/rest 200 burn damage loop with Magic Conductor’s Baton.

The only water card we’ll be looking at today, and quite an interesting one. Alice, Dimensional Traveler has an effect that is the first of its kind in Force of Will. On the field, this card is little more than a 500/500 vanilla resonator. That’s not very impressive, considering her total cost is three. However, her real strength is how you can play her. Any time you are searching your deck for any reason during the game, you my play her. So if you were to play something like Kaguya’s Moonbeam Butterfly or Fated Reunion to search your deck, you could also pay three will and play Alice from your deck right to your field! What’s more, any time this resonator would be put into a graveyard from your field, she’s added back to the bottom of your deck instead. A small point to note, but going to the bottom of your deck is far more useful than being shuffled back into your deck. It’d be a wasted draw to pull this resonator into your hand when you could draw something else. With these two abilities, as long as you have a card or ability that lets you search your deck for any reason, this card is always playable, essentially meaning it is always in your hand, in a pseudo sort of way.
Little Red, has a pretty good history of powerful cards. Her CFC resonator is certainly a powerful total cost two card. Vingolf 3’s Little Red is a powerful total cost one resonator. The card enters the field at 300/300, but will gain an extra +100/+100 for each wind magic stone you control. Since you need wind will to actually play this card, there’s a good chance she’ll enter with an ATK and DEF of 400 if played on the first turn. Little Red also gains swiftness, should you control no at least one non-special wind magic stone. She’s a Fairy Tale of course, which makes her perfect for Millium decks, acting as a cheap and early aggressor.

Hey, Scheherazade is back! I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of her in the Lapis Cluster. I’d bet that it isn’t. Hints aside, Scheherazade only sports one ability, but its a fairly powerful control effect. When she enters the field, you’ll be able to put a resonator on top of its owner’s deck. If exercised against your opponent, it essentially ruins their next draw, forcing them to draw (and possibly replay) a card they already had, while removing a threat to you from the field. You may not want to bounce something with a strong enter effect like Captain Hook or the like though, as your opponent will just use the upon entry effect against you again. Once her effect has resolved, Scheherazade is a fairly powerful body on the field with 900 ATK and DEF for a total cost four resonator. She doesn’t do a lot, but her effect can be a great boon for control decks, slowing down both the opponent’s field and hand.
Alhazred fans rejoice! He’s back with an effect that actually resembles his Grimm cluster days! This total cost two resonator has the classic 600/600 stat build, making him a fair body on the field early game. However, what’s truly special is his ability. As long as he’s on the field he prevents your opponent’s resonators from triggering their own abilities that trigger upon entering the field. This prevents “When this card enters your field” type effects. Note that this ability only prevents resonators from triggering this kind of ability on themselves. So for example, the effect of a resonator in a field that says “Whenever another Fairy Tale resonator enters your field…” would still work. However, considering that “When this card enters the field” is the most common type of trigger mechanic for resonators in the game, and considering how popular Captain Hook is, Alhazred is poised to cause all manner of trouble, forcing your opponent to expend resources to remove him before they can actually play Captain Hook or Griphon or the like.

With regalia rotating out of the New Frontiers format in September, Dracula is in a sort of interesting position. The resonator grants your J-ruler Imperishable while also giving it the Vampire race. Just that effect alone doesn’t give the card too much value in a broad range of decks at the moment, but the vampire also sports some of the highest ATK and DEF on a total cost four resonator in the game, as well as Flying which means that the damage can far more easily hit its mark. At the moment, players who desire Imperishable will likely opt for regalia, but vampire deck players my find this card’s power to cost ratio appealing, and all players come September may have to consider the King of the Undead if they want to maintain that symbol skill.
Last for today is the original Snow White! Yeah! The creepy bloody one! This card is very interesting. Sporting both light and fire attributes, the Fairy Tale resonator costs a total of three and enters the field with 800 ATK and DEF as well as Precision. Where things get really interesting is that she becomes progressively stronger as you have less and less life. with 3000 life remaining she’ll gain First Strike, 2000 life means she gets Swiftness, and 1000 life or less means she’ll get +400/+400. For a cost of three this card is an absolute monster in the late stages of the game, entering as a 1200/1200 with Precision, First Strike and Precision. Aggressive decks are sure to enjoy her, as are Fairy Tale decks. With cards like this and the new Little Red, there might even be room for a beat down aggro style Fairy Tale deck!

That’s all for today, but we’ll be posting a new Vingolf 3 preview every Thursday at 8PM EST/5PM PST for the next few weeks, so check back soon for more new cards! And don’t forget to look for Vingolf 3: Ruler All Stars in stores, February 2017!

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