Ancient Nights ~ Preview 1 ~ Born of Water and Earth

Salutations, rulers! Welcome to the first preview article for the first booster pack in the Reiya Cluster, Ancient Nights! These will be ongoing for the next few weeks posted every Monday and Thursday at 10PM EST/7PM PST. As has been stated many times over the past few months, the Reiya cluster is all about specific and constant support for the J/rulers it introduces. As such a good many of our articles will be looking at support for the starter deck J/rulers and their archetypes. However Ancient Nights does have a few original J/rulers of its own. And what better way to kick off Ancient Nights' previews than with one of those new J/rulers.

Ohohoho? What's this? A young Pandora? Thousands of years in the past? Why, how could this be? Ah well I'm sure we'll get to it in a lore article eventually. Pandora's a light ruler as you may have noticed. She's got a Judgment of only one light will, which is pretty darn cheap. However, you'll only be able to play it if you control three or more Golems. And if you hadn't guessed yet, Golems are Pandora's thing in the Reiya Cluster. Don't worry, there's plenty of Golems of all kinds in the Reiya cluster, so it shouldn't be too hard to get three of them onto the field. Like all other J/rulers in New Frontiers she's got Energize for her attribute, giving you a boost if you're the second turn player. Her only unique ability is something rather interesting. A Sealed Item. Or rather, an un-Sealed Item, since this one is actually unsealed and we can read/use the ability right from the get go. Her Sealed Item ability is called Hair Ornament of Light, and it's an activate ability you can play for free. Playing it lets you mobilize a Golem you control until the end of the turn, and you can only play the ability once per turn. So...what is Mobilize? Mobilize is a new keyword for Golems. See, Golems are pretty hefty resonators. But, since they're not living creatures, they require a little 'wind up' to get them to be able to attack or block. Golems all have a Mobilize with a cost attatched to it, preventing you from attacking or blocking with that Golem unless you pay their Mobilize cost (effectively mobilizing them).With Hair Ornament of Light we can Mobilize one Golem for free every turn, which is immensely useful, especially once you see how powerful the Golems are for their cost.

Alright, now we're getting to the good stuff. Once you get three Golems on the field and pay Pandora's Judgment cost, she becomes the J-ruler Pandora, Guardian of the Sacred Temple. As long as she's on the field, All of your Golems are mobilized, which is incredible, going from one a turn to all of them. She's also got some amazing stats herself, entering the field with 1000 ATK and a massive 2000 DEF. Don't get too cocky with her though, as all damage that would be dealt to your Golems is instead dealt to Pandora. She's the one controlling them after all. This ability is somewhat of a double edged sword. On the one hand, it helps keep your Golems alive, redirecting any damage that would be put on them to Pandora, who can take quite a few hits with her 2000 DEF. On the other hand if means that your opponent can deal 500 damage to four separate Golems and it will destroy Pandora, so always be cautious. Her J-ruler side also gets an upgraded form of Hair Ornament of Light, too. Now it has a cost of four to play, and grants all of your Golems +400/+400 until end of turn. Think of it like a Sprint of the Beast Lady that you don't have to worry about drawing or searching out, though it's a bit weaker and more costly as a trade off. Basically its your win button if you need to push through with a bunch of Golems. Boost all of them up by +400/+400 and swarm over the opponent!

Pandora's got her own Special Magic Stone, as most J/rulers do these days. Mysterious Magic Stone counts as a Light Magic Stone, tough is still not a basic magic stone. It produces light will, Pandora's primary attribute. However you can also pay one light will, rest Mysterious Magic Stone and then banish it to grab a Golem from your graveyard and put it back into your hand. Losing two will and a magic stone on a turn just to get back a Golem is a bit desparate, but reliable salvaging is always welcome and its a good option to have in a pinch.

Alright, let's get to our first Golem. Magic Light Warrior is pretty simple. It's a total cost one light resonator with 600 ATK and DEF. Yeah, just a casual 600 ATK and DEF. Stats that are usually on a resonator that's twice its cost. No big deal. It's got a Mobilize cost of one light will though, so you'll have to pay one light if you want it to attack or block, however we can skirt around that with Pandora's Sealed Item ability! This guy makes a great first turn play. Drop your first Golem and get closer to playing Pandora's Judgment, then you can attack with a 600/600 on your next turn without paying Mobilize thanks to Pandora!

And in a similar fashion, here's Magic Sword Warrior.It's a total cost two light Golem resonator that enters the field with 800 ATK and 600 DEF. Thankfully it makes up for its slightly lower DEF with First Strike, meaning it'll win against J/resonators with 800 or less DEF as long as Magic Sword Warrior is attacking. It too has a Mobilize cost of one, though we can avoid it with Pandora. Thankfully the Mobilize costs so far have been low so even if we want to attack or block with more than one resonator per turn, it won't cost us too much will to do so.

Next up is another total cost two resonator, Bubble Golem. Water is Pandora's secondary attribute, with a few resonators and other supporting cards of her's costing water will. This total cost two Golem hits the field with an incredible 1000 ATK and DEF. It's got a Mobilize of only one void as well, making it incredibly easy for this thing to start dealing damage. the draw back, however, is that, well, it's made of bubbles. So it'll pop once you attack or block with it, forcing it to be banished at the end of your turn. Still, 1000 damage on a total cost two resonator is not to be over looked, even if it's only a one time jab.

And here we have the ace of the Golems, Gear Atmost. Now don't worry, there are more Golem resonators in Ancient Nights than the ones we've seen here today. But Gear Atmos is the cream of the crop for sure. He's a 2000/2000 with a total cost of seven to play him. However, we can cheat him into the field by banishing three Golems instead of paying his cost. He also lets you destroy a resonator your opponent controls when he hits the field too, just for good measure. Hey wait a minute, banish three Golems? Why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, Pandora requires three Golems to use her Judgment didn't she? So you can play Pandora's Judgment once you've got three Golems, attack with them all now that they're mobilized for free, then banish three of them to play Gear Atmos to destroy an opposing resonator and have a huge 2000/2000 on your field! Obviously you'll want Pandora's J-ruler side on the field to Mobilize this guy or else you'll be spending her Sealed Item ability on each of your turns just to get this guy to attack, as he has the highest Mobilize cost. Even so, Gear Atmos is a terror on the field, with a built in way to get  him onto the field fairly easily.

We've seen enough resonators for now, so let's have a look at some supporting cards. Pandora's Order is a total cost four Quickcast chant. It let's you put a Golem from your graveyard into your field and make it mobilized until the end of the turn. All that sounds pretty good, but don't go setting up trick plays to get Gear Atmos onto the field with this chant just yet. Because the chant will return the Golem to its owner's hand at the end of the turn. That means unless you have a separate way to give the Golem brought back by this chant Swiftness, it won't be able to attack, and will just bounce back to your hand at the end of the turn. As such, the chant is better used as defense. Bringing back a Golem resonator to block for you and then returning that card to your hand.

Our last card for today is a Super Rare Chant card. Something we'll be seeing a bit more of in the Reiya Cluster. For all its pomp and circumstance, it's actually pretty simple. It's a total cost five chant that simply destroys all non-Golem resonators. Obviously non much use for non-Golem decks unless you're in need of mutually assured destruction. This chant is amazing for recovering the field after your opponent makes some strong power plays, or for when you just need to clear the field of your opponent's problematic blockers.

Reiya Cluster 1st Set 「Ancient Nights」