Ancient Nights ~ Preview 4 ~ Down Where It's Wetter

Salutations, rulers! Welcome back to our continuing coverage of the cards in the upcoming Reiya Cluster booster pack, Ancient Nights. Last week we took a look at some of the fire attribute cards that could help support Kirik and his deck strategy, so this week we're going to be perusing some water attribute cards to help out our lovely princess of the oceans, Shaela the mermaid! Take a deep breath, 'cause we're about to dive right in!

As we saw with Shaela's starter deck, a lot of her resonators grow more powerful as long as the weather is rain for you. Ancient Nights has more resonators that reap the benefits of rain as well. Waterfowl is a total cost two resonator that enters the field with 400 ATK/600 DEF and Flying. Considering that most Flying resonators have lower stats than non-Flying ones that's not too bad, but 600 DEF does leave it vulnerable to destruction from most other turn two resonator plays. Thankfully Waterfowl grows to a 500/800 with Flying as long as the weather is rain, making the card much harder to destroy and get off the field. If you're worried about maintaining that 800 DEF on your opponent's turn though, you're going to need 《Weather Change: Rain》or get Shaela's J-ruler side on the field.

Thunderfish is a fun little total cost one resonator. It enters the field with 200 ATK and DEF. Upon entry it prevents a target resonator from recovering during its controller's next recovery phase. Take note that if Thunderfish is the only resonator on the field when its ability triggers, it will have to target itself! Obviously we want to play this to lock down our opponent's most troublesome card. That's not all though, as when Thunderfish is put into your graveyard from the field, you'll be able to draw a card if the weather is rain! This little guy is great for stalling it the opponent's strongest attacker for a turn and even helps you generate some card advantage when you sacrifice him to block a big threat or the like.

Shaela's Elite is a very handy resonator if you're running a hefty amount of Mermaid cards. Its a total cost two resonator with 600 ATK and DEF that allows you to search your deck for a Mermaid not named "Shaela's Elite" and add it right into your hand! This is great for setting up your hand to make strong plays a turn or two later and greatly helps the consistency of Mermaids with a low cost search card that also functions as a body on the field to attack or defend!

Ocean Floor Archelon is a hefty and powerful resonator, costing a total of six will to play and entering the field with 600 ATK and 2000 DEF. That alone probably has you thinking its just a defensive blocker type, not all that exciting. And you're not entirely wrong, Archelon is a fantastic blocker, more than you realize. This is because blocking does not cause the Archelon to become rested. So as long as you can keep the damage it takes below 2000 it can soak up a lot of hits each turn, meaning you're free to attack with your other resonators without needing to worry about blockers. However, Archelon can also help you deal lethal damage if necessary. By paying four water will Archelon becomes a 1000/3000 and becomes unblockable until the end of the turn. Four water will is a lot to be paying every turn, but if you're opponent is at 1000 life or less, this effect all but guarantees you'll be able to attack for lethal damage.

Alright, lets get into some fun non-resonator cards. Shaela's Foresight is a fantastic card if you're running Shaela as your J/ruler. Normally it lets you choose one of its four effects, but if you've got Shaela you'll be able to choose up to three! The effects are putting a target attacking resonator on top of its owner's deck, great for stopping a powerful offensive threat and ruining your opponent's next draw. The second is putting a target addition on top of your opponent's deck, much the same result except your removing an addition from the field instead of a resonator. The third shuffles all cards in target player's graveyard into their deck/magic stone deck accordingly, which is great for stopping graveyard based effects. The final lets you draw a card. Which three (or one if you really want to run this without Shaela, although that seems rather ill advised) is going to largely depend on the situation. However you'll almost always want the 'draw a card' option as one of your three. This card even has Quickcast! This spell is all around amazing value for Shaela, providing removal, enemy hand control through dead draws, and even hand advantage by allowing us to draw a card of our own!

Confinement on the other hand, is a much simpler card. It's a total cost one chant that makes it so that a target resonator can't attack that turn. It's got Quickcast of course, since it'd be pretty useless without that. However its also got Remnant, meaning you can play it a second time from the graveyard. Confinement is great for when you just need one more turn to live so you can claim the win from your opponent, or for stalling things out a turn or two to draw that final card you need. Remember, you need to use this chant on a resonator before it declares an attack. After the resonator has declared an attack, even if you target it with this chant, it will still go through with battle since it already declared its attack.

Seabed Investigation is a great card to employ if you've got a good number of Mermaids hiding in your deck. When played it lets you check the top four cards of your deck and put a card from among them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your deck. At first it sounds like a somewhat more lame version of 《Summon from Memoria》, but hold of judgment for just a second! Because if you control a Mermaid, you'll be able to take two cards from the top four you look at instead of just one card, essentially making this card better than a standard draw two cards effect since you get to choose from the top four cards of your deck! Sadly the spell doesn't have Quickcast, but being able to dig for two cards can still be invaluable.

Ah, and our last card for today is one I'm sure many will be excited about. Keez' Call (yes there's another dolphin named Keez) is a total cost one Quickcast chant that allows you to cancel the automatic ability of a resonator. Then you draw a card. Pretty simple, but quite potent. Cancelling the effect of an enemy 《Captain Hook, the Pirate》for one will while simultaneously drawing a card is phenomenal. This chant is sure to give Lilias Petal players something to worry about. With 《Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness》you could at least destroy him first, but Keez' Call is a Quickcast chant for only one will. It'll be harder to see this card coming.

Reiya Cluster 1st Set 「Ancient Nights」