Ancient Nights ~ Preview 7 ~ Fundamental Elementals

Good evening once again, rulers! Welcome to the penultimate preview article for Ancient Nights, the upcoming first booster pack of the Reiya Cluster. At last its time for use to return to our mysterious starter deck friend Gill, and his Elementals. Today's article is all about supporting our little leaf friends and the Spirit Magic cards they help fuel. Let's get right down to it!

Leaf Knight is our turn two Elemental resonator for the deck. It's a total cost two resonator that enters the field with the classic 600/600 stat line, fairly good for a resonator of its cost, especially when considering it has two helpful abilities. The first is an activate ability whereby you can boost up Leaf Knight by +200/+200 by removing an Elemental in your graveyard from the game. Obviously this is very useful for making sure Leaf Knight is still valuable even in the late game, just be wary as you can only play the ability up to twice per turn. The second is also an activate ability you can play by removing and Elemental in your graveyard from the game. Upon resolution it grants Leaf Knight Barrier until end of turn to keep it safe from harm. Leaf Knight is a great all around attacker to put the pressure on your opponent and with the capability of gaining Barrier, he's harder to get off the field too!

Next up is Leaf Archer. This is a total cost four Elemental resonator that enters with 600 ATK and 1200 DEF. As you'd expect of an archer its adept at picking off flying foes, as demonstrated in its ability to block J/resonators with Flying. What's more you can pay two and rest Leaf Archer to deal 600 damage to a resonator with Flying. Leaf Archer's stats are obviously geared more towards defense, so don't count on it too much to dish out the big damage. Rather its a card best kept at a few copies to handle irksome Flying J/resonators, and keep your life safe from harm.

Leaf Healer is an interesting card. It's a total cost five resonator with 0 ATK but a particularly high 1500 DEF, making it able to block all but the most powerful of J/resonators. It also comes equipped with an automatic ability that triggers at the end of your turn that recovers all of your resonators! Leaf Healer is great for when you want to go all out on attacking but still want to keep your resonators safe from being attacked and able to block if necessary. Its also a handy way to abuse activate abilities that require you to rest a resonator as part of their cost.

Leaf Guard may not have an ability but its got some pretty solid stats for a total cost two resonator. 400 ATK isn't exactly legendary, but 800 defense on a card you can play on your second or even first (if you've got energize) turn is pretty sturdy. Plus its another Elemental we can include into our deck to use as fuel for 《Gill》's ability to play Spirit Magic cards!

Our last resonator for today isn't actually an Elemental, but he's still quite handy for an Elemental/Spirit Magic focused deck. Wind Ferryman is a total cost one Human resonator that enters the field with 200 ATK and DEF. Upon entry he lets you look at the top three cards of your deck, reveal an Elemental or Spirit Magic from among them, and put it into your hand. While other draw cards like 《Tama, Familiar of Holy Wind》are better in other decks, for Elementals/Spirit Magic this card outdoes Tama by letting us dig through the top three cards of our deck and take our pick of which one we like best. Wind Ferryman makes for a great early game card to set up your hand!

Wind Blade is a fun chant card for Elemental/Spirit Magic decks. Its a total cost two Quickcast chant that deals 300 damage to a resonator plus an additional 100 for each wind magic stone you control. Doesn't seem all that exciting beyond its ability to retain a good amount of value in the late game, as its damage scales upward as you call more magic stones (assuming they're wind magic stones, which in an Elemental/Spirit Magic deck, they should be!). However, take a look at the card's sub-traits. Yes, it's an Elemental card! That means we can remove it from the game using Gill's ability to generate will for Spirit Magic chants after we've played this card, giving it a whole other layer of value!

And speaking of Spirit Magic, let's have a look at some new ones, shall we? Absolute Awareness is a total cost two Spirit Magic chant that lets you search your magic stone deck for a basic magic stone and put it into your field rested. Somewhat similar to 《Magic Stone Analysis》, you may be wondering why we'd use this card over that one, when Absolute Awareness puts the card into our field rested? The answer is simple, Absolute Awareness costs less. Since its a Spirit Magic we can pay for one will of its cost with Gill's ability, meaning we only have to commit one magic stone to play this card. Use this chant to ramp up your magic stones in the early game to outpace your opponent in terms of resources!

Last for today is Spiritual Guidance, a total cost three Spirit Magic chant. It allows us to draw two cards and then gain 100 life for each card in our hand. Drawing two cards can be life saving in certain games and a little extra life doesn't hurt anybody. A total cost three for the chant is a little disheartening at first, but remember that we can pay one wind will of the card's cost with Gill's ability. That means the card essentially only costs two of our magic stones to play, make it much more affordable. Keep your hand full of resources with cards like this and Wind Ferryman.

Reiya Cluster 1st Set 「Ancient Nights」