Ancient Nights ~ Preview 8 ~ A Horrible Night For A Curse

Salutations, rulers! Welcome to the final preview article of the Ancient Nights booster set. In our Ancient Nights previews, we've looked at the three new rules of the set, as well as support for light, fire, water, and wind cards. At last, for our final article in this series, we'll be looking at some darkness cards!

Let's start off simple with Black Blood Knight. He's a total cost three Vampire resonator that enters the field with 800 ATK and 800 DEF. He's got an automatic ability that will trigger whenever Black Blood Knight deals damage. Upon resolution it'll grant you life equal to the damage Black Blood Knight deals. Fairly plain, but the resonator's solid stats mean you'll be gaining 800 life each time you attack or block with it, which is fairly handy. Even so, it doesn't directly support any particular deck archetype so you might not be too keen on using it in your deck, if you want room for more consistently useful options. However! A card with broad viability and easy life gain is great for draft and sealed play. You might want to keep your eye out for this card during pre-release events.

Next up is a fairly unusual resonator card, The Three Evil Little Pigs. They're a total cost five darkness Fairy Tale. The card's only sporting a 400/400 stat line, pretty awful for a total cost five. However, when the card enters the field, you'll be able to put another 400/400 Darkness Pig resonator token into the field with "When this card is put into a graveyard from the field -> It deals 400 damage to your opponent" and another with the same stats but the different ability of "When this card is put into a graveyard from the field -> You gain 400 life." So by playing this card, you essentially get three 400/400 resonators, two of which have abilities that trigger when they leave the field. The Three Evil Little Pigs essentially a spread out 1200/1200. Spread among three 400/400s, it's harder to get the card's entire influence off the field than if it was just one resonator. Plus when your two Pig tokens bite the dust, you'll get some extra effects out of them to boot. The Evil Little Pigs make for a great card in 《Millium, Prince of the Light Palace》decks, where they can be played more easily with Fairy Tale support, or with 《Lumia, the Fated Rebirth》, who can keep removing and returning the card to swarm your field with Pig resonator tokens!

As many surmised from the images of the booster box shown a few weeks back, an evil Red Riding Hood is making an appearance as well. Dark Riding Hood is a total cost three Fairy Tale resonator that enters the field with 700 ATK and 800 DEF. As long as your life is 2000 or less, she gains "Whenever this card deals damage to a resonator -> Destroy that resonator". She also gains Swiftness as long as your life is 1000 or less. Additionally she's got two automatic abilities. The first triggers when she enters the field. Upon resolution you can choose to remove two mystery counters on your J/ruler from the game. If you do, you can remove a target resonator from the game. So just by playing this card, you get some pretty flexible removal, getting rid of any resonator you want just by removing two mystery counters is pretty handy. Lastly, whenever Dark Riding Hood attacks, she'll deal 200 damage to target player or resonator and grant you 200 life. Dark Riding Hood is a fantastic card for Fairy Tale, Mystery Counter, or even just aggressive decks that splash darkness. Obviously her value goes up the less life you have, but even playing her at above 2000 life is still pretty solid thanks to the removal and life drain she can supply.

Moving on to chant cards, we have Wolf's Rain. This total cost three chant lets you put three 300/300 darkness Beast/Wolf resonator tokens into the field with Swiftness and Precision. That's extremely powerful for a total cost three, since it's essentially 900 damage with Swiftness spread among three resonators. The only catch is that at the end of the turn, all of them will be removed from the game. Without Quickcast to play on your opponent's turn, this chant can really only be used to rush your opponent with the three resonator tokens. Thankfully, since they have Precision, you can throw them at your opponent's J/resonator to try and destroy it, or simply attack your opponent as the situation dictates.

Bloodspray is a fantastic card for Reiya, and even other darkness decks may find it handy for them. The base effect allows you to draw two cards for the card's comparatively low cost of only two will. However, the card also deals 300 damage to you. While losing life is never preferable, 300 life isn't too bad. Plus it can be used to help set up Dark Riding Hood, pushing you to 2000 or 1000 to get her abilities active. That's not all the chant is capable of though. By removing a mystery counter, you can awaken the chant, which will let you destroy a resonator with total cost two or less. Keeping hand advantage is very important and this is a very easy way for darkness to achieve it, made even better by the optional removal of an early game threat.

Vitality Drain is a powerful total cost five chant with Quickcast. Playing it for its base effect will sap a target player of 1000 life, and grant you 1000 life. Not bad as a late game win condition, especially with Quickcast. However, for five will, we'd probably want a little more. Thankfully we can get a little more by removing a single mystery counter from our J/ruler to awaken the card. Doing so will let us toss 1000 damage at a target resonator. While not destruction, we'll obviously want to put that damage on something that can be destroyed by the damage, and 1000 is going to destroy most any resonator with a cost of four or less, and even some total cost five resonators, so it shouldn't be too hard to get removal out of this chant!

Truth Amongst Darkness is a fun control type card. It's a total cost three chant that allows you to look at your opponent's hand and remove a card from the game of your choosing. Choosable removal of a card in your opponent's hand is great for preventing problems before they can become an issue, Total cost three to play is a little heavy though. To make up for it, the card has Remnant, meaning we can play the card a second time from the graveyard. As such we can get a few good plays out of this chant without having to overcommit to putting a bunch of copies of it in our main deck. Remove your opponent's key cards and cripple their strategy!

Our last card for today, is a fun little Quickcast chant called Lethal Arrow. This total cost one chant will let you destroy any target damaged resonator. Similar to the old Alice Cluster card 《Demonflame》, but without the option to deal 500 damage. Even so, being able to destroy a damaged resonator for only one darkness will is pretty useful. Cards that toss small amounts of damage at resonators like Dark Riding Hood are great for setting up combos with Lethal Arrow. Use this low cost card to keep the field stacked in your favor!

Reiya Cluster 1st Set 「Ancient Nights」